Sunday, November 13, 2011

Making a quilt back as winter begins

ROYGBIV back - onto the "B"

This is the back for my ROYGBIV quilt so far.  It is one huge log cabin. There are some challenges when making a log cabin block this large out of mostly 2.5" strips. Careful pressing and trimming of each log is necessary or it quickly develops a small ripple that grows quickly to a large and unmanageable ripple. I know this because this is really the second try at this back.

It is currently about 58" squarish and I am using up all the extra strips I cut up for the blocks for the front. When I get back from a work trip I can start with the "B" (blue).

I am finding quilt backs an interesting challenge, as once the quilt front is done I want to be quilting it, not making a back. I think I am going to try starting the back when I start the front next time and see how that goes.

We finally had snow

This was the view from my family room yesterday morning. Finally our first snow, which is a record here, the previous latest for first snow was November 6. Although I live downtown, the house next door has this tiny forest, which brings many interesting birds to watch all year round. I am going to try to so the view from my window photos that I have seen other bloggers doing every so often - that way I can remember the changes. Especially since I think that they are developing that beautiful lot into 8 homes, hopefully some of the trees survive.

Enjoy your Sunday, I am back home late Tuesday night.