Sunday, November 27, 2011

Finally, I was quilting instead of piecing!

Quilting the ROYGBIV quilt

I spent the day quilting the ROYGBIV quilt with an all over stipple. It was so nice to be quilting again.

Extra space for quilting

Before I started quilting, I moved my sewing machine over in front of my desk and I pulled my little rolling desk (both are from IKEA) over beside my machine. This is the first time I tried this set up and it worked wonderfully.

You can see my quilting gloves in this picture too. I have only every bought the one pair and they are worth their weight in gold. There is no way I could quilt without them, the quilt is just too heavy and slippery to keep a grip without the gloves.

Quilting the ROYGBIV quilt

Here is the quilt all set up on the large table. Having the table next to the wall meant that the quilt did not fall over the back and create a heavy drag. What a difference, it was far easier than the last time I quilted. I quilted this quilt in quadrants, from bottom to middle, then I turned it, and did the next quarter, etc. This quilt used 9 bobbins, it is big.

The quilting is done on the ROYGBIV quilt

And I finished the quilting in one day. And it was not the only thing I did all day either - but the quilting went smoothly, I even stopped to clean my machine about 3/4 of the way through.

I had planned to make a striped binding but I decided this quilt had enough riots of colour so I made the binding out of a bunch of Katie Jump Rope small red flowers instead. Tomorrow I can trim the quilt, sew the binding on the front, and start hand sewing the binding to the back. I am hoping to be done by next weekend.

Aqua and Orange Bee Block for Mary

And in case you are tired of that quilt, here is the block I finished for Mary from Fairly Merry for the Aqua and Orange Bee. This wonkyish string block is really big - 18.5" x 14.5" unfinished. We sewed the strings onto a stabilizer that is left in place so the block keeps it shape nicely. I think that Mary's quilt is going to be quite stunning, she has people making mostly brown, mostly orange and mostly aqua blocks like this.

I expect that I will link this to my favourite Work in Progress links on Wednesday as I doubt there will be much more progress around here before then - it's another busy work week. I can't wait for the holidays to have some time off!

Edited on Wednesday: Here are the links, there will be lovely progress there to see, I hope you go and look.
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