Friday, October 14, 2011

Swaps arrive on the same day - I am so lucky!

DQS11 Sweet Dreams Quilt for me from Karen (karensc0sm0s)

Look at the beautiful Doll Quilt Swap 11 quilt I received last night from Karen (on flickr she is karensc0sm0s)! She named it Sweet Dreams which is perfect. This quilt is so sweet and pretty.

DQS11 Sweet Dreams Quilt for me from Karen (karensc0sm0s)

You can see the tiny piecing and the beautiful hand quilting! These colours remind me of the ocean and of the ocean glass I find on the beach - which is just what I need here at home with winter coming on!

DQS11 Sweet Dreams Quilt - back - made for me by Karen (karensc0sm0s)

This is the back - a wonderful set of nested churn dash blocks! Those of you who have been hanging around here know how much I love churn dashes! On this one the back is as wonderful as the front, I plan to flip it on my wall every couple of weeks.

DQS11 package for me!

Here is the entire package from Karen, fabrics, a needle book, tape measure, fabric wrap, and do you see what is peeking out of the bottom?

One of my favourite solids quilt! - Karen sent me this bonus quilt!

Yes, a bonus quilt from Karen! She had made this quilt for a solids challenge! I have loved this quilt for a long while, I have favourited it and put it in flickr galleries. I am so thrilled to have it here in person. I think this one will get hung at my office to enjoy while I work.

For the Love of Solids Swap - my whole package from {Safeih}

And here is my second package received last night! This is a wonderfully modern table runner and some cute goodies from Safeih (on flickr she is {Safeih}) for the Love of Solids [a modern swap].

For the Love of Solids Swap - table runner from {Safeih}

Again, my favourite churn dashes! This table runner is perfectly pieced and looks so amazing. Look at those secondary patterns the white background produces, and the pink with the aquas is so fresh! The binding is perfect as well.

For the Love of Solids Swap - table runner back from {Safeih}

And the back - well I love it too! Just the right amount of colour, perfect pattern - just like a piece of modern art!

So after a long wait, I now have beautiful quilts and I am no longer just a wanna be swapper, I am a swap vetran! Thank you Karen and Safeih! These are perfect for me, you both nailed it!




  1. Wow! All the quilts are just lovely - so glad you are so happy with them!!

  2. These are all so lovely, but especially the pink and blue churns dashes. I'm fairly new to swaps myself, but I'm having great fun with them.

  3. Your patience has really paid off, the DQ colours sem just you, and I love seeing multiple churn dash blocks together, they look really good.

  4. Wow these are so lovely, you are one very lucky girl.

  5. They are lovely! You did so well :-)

  6. Wow they are lovely...I especially love the bonus quilt from Karen.

  7. Fab post day. Love all three mini quilts!

  8. And today I saw the precious quilt you made for Karen!! What great swaps you had, congratulations!

  9. Lucky you Leanne! Everything you received is so beautiful!

  10. So glad you received the swap and you like it -- also so funny that you got churn dash blocks from both of us!

  11. oh my what a bumper set of packages!!! brilliant items xx

  12. Hi Leanne - I am glad you liked your quilts!


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