Saturday, October 22, 2011

A special swap.

Wonderful poppies in a field from Agnieszka

I got this wonderful original painting from Agnieszka, from a quilt, maybe, my friend who lives in Poland. I met her during my first QAL and she was one of my first blog followers. Her quilting is wonderful and her painting is superb. Her flickr pictures are here, sometimes she posts a new painting, many of which include a mouse family and many quilts.

The back of the poppy drawing from Agnieszka

She even personalized the back for me.

I had seen her poppy pictures which she manages to paint to look translucent, like they are in real life. She liked my coasters and the colours I was playing with to make them, so I proposed a swap.

Beautiful hand made card from Agnieszka

She also made me this beautiful card. I feel very much like I got the better end of this swap by far - but since she feels that she did, I think we are even.

Coasters for Agnieszka

This is the set of coasters I sent to her, which arrived yesterday. I was so nervous, she was sending me a painting after all, so I made enough for two sets so I could send her the best four.

Coasters for me

These are the four I kept for me. Now we have sister sets, on almost the opposite sides of the globe - when it is time for me to go  to bed at night, it is time for her to leave for work.

I hope you enjoy the weekend, it is a sunny fall day here.




Debbie said...

Awww. That is very cool - I think you both came out great! ;-)

Sheila said...

What a great swap, and this just strengthens my view about our online community, it's special.

Manda said...

I think you both did well :)

Canadian Abroad said...

Great swap. You both made beautiful things!

Judith, Belfast said...

So glad you're getting the sun! I haven't seen any for days!! You're cute coasters are making their way around the globe!! Beautiful painting! Jxo

Kritta22 said...

Oh I wish I had either of you talents!!! Off to check her flickr site.

MariQuilts said...

I agree.....great swap.

tusen said...

Leanne, you are so sweet, I'm lucky to have such a friend. Thank you so much once again. We had a small party yesterday and I was so happy I could use the coasters and my friends loved them, too.

Marci Girl said...

You are right, a really special swap! You ended up with a lovely painting for sure!

Rebecca said...

wow i love your coasters! the quilting makes them so special :o)