Friday, October 28, 2011

No Primary Colours, the Quilt - Bloggers Quilt Festival

No Primary Colours, the Quilt

This is my fourth quilt I think and I made it in the fall of 2010, before I started blogging. I refer to it as my No Primary Colours Quilt. I used the Strips and Bricks pattern by Malka Dubrawsky but picked my own colours. I quilted it a lot like Rita at Red Pepper Quilts quilted her version, although I spaced my lines in random ways to keep from getting bored.

No Primary Colours, the Quilt

I have to tell you that this colour scheme, reminiscent of the 1970's avocado green and harvest gold appliances, was not where I thought I would go with this quilt. But as I pulled fabrics and bought some more, the green, orange, brown and grey theme emerged.

No Primary Colours, the Quilt

When I was done, I realized that it had no primary colours, at least none that stood out as primaries - the yellows read as either orange or green. It is a calming colour scheme and every time I see this quilt I feel good.

No Primary Colours, the Quilt - back

When I started quilting in March 2010, I was most inspired by the quilts that had modern motifs and a lot of negative space. I designed this back with a few of the left over pieces and it is one of the few things I have yet made with this focus. I love it as much as the front and it reminds me that I want to do more work of this nature.

No Primary Colours, the Quilt - back

The quilt is about 62" by 75" and it currently lives on top of the duvet on my bed. It is one of my favourites and dragging it out today to photograph means that it is now freshly washed too.

Quilt at dawn

Here is an older photo, taken at dawn last winter. You can see the quilting nicely here and how, after washing, a lot of texture is added by dense but somewhat irregular straight line quilting.

I am sharing this quilt as part of Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival. Thank you Amy for all the work you do to host the festival. I hope everyone will go and view all the quilts, they are wonderful.