Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ordinary Old Blocks.

Disappearing 9 patches for Judith and Susan's Bee Blessed
These are 4 Disappearing Nine Patch blocks I made for Judith and Susan's Bee Blessed Project. The fabrics are all part of the line called Theory by Khristian A. Howell. I am not sure that I would group the prints like this for a whole quilt but Judith and Susan will mix these in with other blocks to make their quilts.

However, I wanted to share this because I have been sort of unexcited by disappearing nine patches until I saw this. The ones I have seen do not use a solid and I guess I often feel they are very busy. But look at these - with a solid you can play with a three dimensional effect with the boxes and you get those fun pinwheels as secondary designs. I am going to have to play more with this block in the future.
Blocks for Karen's Kind Stitches
These little (6.5" unfinished) framed four patches are for Karen at Listen to the Birds Sing's Kind Stitches Group. They use bits of Tula Pink's Prince Charming fabrics. I am enchanted with the simplicity of these blocks.

I am off to the post office today to ship these to Ireland for these two groups. Helping out these initiatives  is giving me not only the opportunity to help out those in need, but also it is giving me a  chance to play with beautiful bits of fabrics and try blocks I would likely not have bothered with. Great fun and well worth the time.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Lovely! Great blocks, and to be honest I'd never really considered the secondary pattern options in D9P, clever! Oooh it'd look great with a darker solid and more muted prints! Love the fabrics you've used today btw :-)

  2. Yes, I am now in love with that first set. You are right I never really liked the disappearing 9 patch, but using the solid really makes these look amazing!

  3. All your blocks are great and will be very appreciated by the recipients. You have used some beautiful fabrics. And I thought the DP9 was great with a solid too, but couldn't have put it so eloquently as you!

  4. You are so right - I too have never tried these until yesterday but I have to admit I popped my white in the corners by mistake and just noticed in time.......unpicking followed! I like my blocks but didn't use a selection of fabrics so mine don't look so beautifully scrappy, think they might be rejects for the Bee!! Will start a new batch, bit like making cakes and burning the first batch!

  5. Beautiful blocks Leanne and amazing fabrics too. Glad you had fun discovering new potential in the D9P. That was one of the things we thought folks here and in the blog world might like - the opportunity (and motivation) to try a block they may not yet have attempted without having to commit to a whole project of you own!

  6. This is going to be a beautiful quilt!!! Hugs

  7. These look wonderful! Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness!

  8. Hi Leanne! Your DNP is really beautiful! Love those fabrics and the ways you have fixed the blogcks. I have make one so that I have the small squares white, but now I want to try yours!
    xxx Teje

  9. They look great. And you're a master of spotting secondary patterns :)I think you've just inspired me to add a new thing to my would-love-to-make-it list.


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