Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quilting along, and making bee blocks.

Across the Sea QAL quilt top

I have finished the quilt top for the Across the Sea QAL. The QAL quilt has 20 blocks and then a lovely border. I decided to add 10 blocks for a total of 30 blocks and skip the border. I think that the Kona Charcoal without a border with these very bright prints looks very modern and fresh.

Across the Sea QAL - quilt top done

Here it is on my floor. It was very hard to photograph this one today, the colour is truer in the shady part. I am going to try to get it sandwiched soon and start quilting it.

4 x 5 Modern Quilt Bee - Block for Christina, beehive 12

This block is for the 4 x 5 Modern Bee (people on flickr have already seen it but I did not get a chance to share it here yet). I have to make 6 blocks, one for each of my 5 bee mates and one for me, using everyone's colours and my own fabrics. I have been thinking of circles a lot lately and then when I saw Megan from Canoe Ridge Creations' tutorial, I decided to use and adapt it to make this block. I don't have a go cutter so I used Eliza's Backporch templates and then trimmed and sashed the block to get it all to work.

Design wall quilt - bits of blocks - what I did this weekend

Here is a work in progress shot. This wall quilt hangs right beside my sewing machine. You can see that it is turning into a design wall quilt. The three additional blocks still need sashing, and there are some bits from my colour palette hanging there too. I have two more blocks to make for this bee.

I was wondering, maybe I should do a video about how to sew these curves without pins or pain, maybe next weekend. Also, this block and the butterfly/flower is reminding me of the CBC logo. The CBC is Canada's national television/radio broadcasting corporation and we all grew up watching the CBC TV logo. The logo morphed into other variations on quarter circles so almost anything using pieced quarter circles reminds me of it too.

It has been busy at my work, and I am out of town a lot this coming week, so I am not sure there will be much more here till the weekend.

Enjoy your week.