Tuesday, September 27, 2011

For Wednesday - I have some progress to share.

5 x 4 Blocks - Hive 12

Here are all 6 of the blocks I made for my hive in the 5 x 4 Modern Bee. Each person picks colours and then you make 6 of whatever block you like in each person's colours. This block is an adaptation of Megan from Canoe Ridge Creations' tutorial which is here.

This one is for Megan, who asked for purple, orange and grey. I am becoming very partial to dark grey backgrounds. The purple and orange look very sharp on the grey.

5 x 4 Modern Bee - Block for Megan - Hive 12

I am totally enchanted with these butterflies. This next one is for Elizabeth who asked for blue, grey and lagoon/peacock on a white background. The lagoon/peacock wing is a bit more peacocky in real life.

5 x 4 Modern Bee - block for Elizabeth - Hive 12

These are 12" blocks. I am imagining them much larger and meeting corner to corner in a quilt. This next one is the one I showed you before. It is for Christina who asked for kelly green, navy/dark blue and yellow on a white background.

5 x 4 Modern Bee - block for Christina, Hive 12

Here is Erin's block. She asked for blue, green and grey on white. But not lime green, which is what I have the most of by far.

5 x 4 Modern Bee - for Erin, Hive 12

Seems I need to show you each one, thank you for your patience. It was really challenging to pick the fabrics for each person. Now, I have a lot of fabric, but I worry that I have not picked the right shade or that the recipient will be annoyed that there are bits of other colours in there too.

This next one is for Kathleen who asked for blue and orange on white. As a member of the Aqua and Orange Bee, I am partial to these colours.

5 x 4 Modern Bee - for Kathleen - Hive 12

Finally the one for me. I picked blue and grey on white. I am happy with any shade of blue, here I tried to avoid too much aqua as the other blocks seemed to have a lot.

5 x 4 Modern Bee - Block for me - Hive 12

Today I came home to find a package with  the Freebird for Moda fabrics that I won in Judith at Rags to Bags's give away. She sent this from Ireland on September 10 and today, September 27, it is in my hands here in Canada. That's only 17 days to go 3900 miles, 6720 kilometres. There are 7 times zones between my house and hers, so when it is morning here, it is late afternoon there. (By the way, I sent Judith a package on September 13 and she got it on September 21 - even faster service from here to there). I only wish my swap packages could travel as fast as these fabrics did.

Freebird for Moda - all the way from Ireland

Thanks Judith for the give away and these lovely fabrics.  Judith was supported by River Fabrics in her give away so thanks to Janette at River Fabrics too! Now I get to figure out what to make out of them.

I am going to link this to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced in the morning. All kinds of wonderful projects are linked there, I hope you will go and take a look.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced 
 I am also linking to a new Canadian WIP group called The Needle and Thread Network, where everyone is welcome but shy Canadians are especially encouraged.
I am off at 4 a.m. on an airplane, enjoy the rest of your week.