Saturday, September 17, 2011

Learning about colour

Playing with my palette

I have been playing with my palette - I tend to think of this palette as "grown up" or "sophisticated". I first built this palette for my Love of Solids [a modern swap] items. It was inspired by my partner Natalie at Threaded Mess's photos (she has her package now so I can say) and by my beach. Since the swap is over, I have joined Lynne from Lily's Quilts in her Dead Simple QAL because I want to play with this palette more.

I cut up a bunch of 1.5" squares. Many people are using software and colour swatches, which is very techy and cool but I am having more fun doing this hands on.

Laying out a coaster

I wish I knew if there was a right way to get the randomized pixel-like, sun shattered look. My approach is to make sure I include at least one or more of the "colours" - blue, aqua or gold. Then I just pull out other squares in the "neutral" shades, and put them down on the table, quickly arranging as I go and trying to use mostly different shades.  I give myself about 10 seconds to change anything that bugs me. Then I sew.

Maybe more coasters?

I sew quickly because I am more of a controlling, logic type of person than a creative, artsy person and I fear that with any time at all I will start arranging these into some kind of discernable pattern - my math brain really wants to do that.

Playing with my palette - some coasters

Here are a couple completed coasters I made last week. These have already been given away.

FTLOS - small items

Here are the 8 I sent my partner in the swap. Each has a different colour layout, and I find I like every single one. I am coming to the conclusion that my few "rules" seems to lead to a result that pleases me all the time. It is also interesting to notice how even slight differences in the light actually change the colours, although they continue to work well together.

Longer strip

This is three of the small 16 patch units sewn together. Next, I am going to try to lay out this many squares before I sew them together. I want to see whether the grouping I end up with it is still reasonably random and if I like it.

I have lots to learn about colour and this palette is so much fun to play with. I have some pillows and placemats and coasters and at least one wall quilt (click here to see the mini quilt I made for the swap) to make for me from it, I think. And I have some coasters to make for a friend in a private swap. I am still not sure I want a whole large quilt, but who knows.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend, I am hoping to do little but sew.

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