Monday, September 5, 2011

Honey, I'm home!

FTLOS - small items

These are the coasters that I finished this afternoon for the small item for my secret partner in the For the Love of Solids [a modern swap]. I decided to quilt each one differently, so they are siblings, not octuplets.

You saw the 1.5" squares I had cut up a couple of weeks ago. I just picked 16 squares for each coaster, played with them until I liked the layout and sewed them together, making a couple coasters at a time. They are backed with the same linen from the wall quilt and have a layer of batting in them.

I have also been, again, enticed by Lynne at Lily's Quilts. She has the best quilt alongs and there is always something fun happening where ever she is. So when she announced the Dead Simple QAL, which is to focus on colour palette, not on fancy piecing, I asked her if I could join with my large palette from FTLOS, since I am so not done with this one yet. She said sure I could.

Dead Simple Quiltalong

So, in case you love it as I do, here is the colour palette again. I am not sure that I will make a whole full size quilt, but I sure could use some coasters and placemats and pillow covers and maybe a wall quilt for me made with this palette.  Surely at least one of those will fit into the general theme of this QAL, although I wonder if I will be convinced that at least a lap quilt is in order.

My palette for the Dead Simple QAL - yes, it is the same as the one I used for FTLOS swap

I am sure that I will get some good advice, inspiration and encouragement from the QAL, maybe you should join in the fun too?

I am safely home, having driven almost 1000 kms in two days. I took two ferry boats. I drove through two huge mountain ranges - which are as beautiful as any in the world. I drove on  roads with signs that said "High Mountain Road". I went from sea level to 4010 feet about 4 hours and then back down again. And I followed two major rivers as I wound my way through the mountain passes, just me and my dog, heading home after a long summer's break. And I saw at least 10 million evergreen trees (pine, spruce, fir). These trees just break your heart, they are so amazing, there are so many, and they are just pumping out oxygen all day long.

I live on the prairie, where we have huge skys and we can look out and see the curve of the earth, things are so flat. So, I love the sky, day or night. Driving through the mountains is one of my favourite things to do, the sheer power and size of the earth, and of nature,  and the vastness of the Canadian wilderness, is always a great to see and it is so different from my home.

I just wish I did not have to drive to see it, two full days behind the wheel is one too many for me, but a good sleep and an afternoon making coasters has solved all that.

Tomorrow I have to go back to work, I hope you enjoyed Labour Day.




Poppyprint said...

Leanne - you were here on the coast? You must have been. Next time you come let me know so we can meet!!! You got the best of the weather, that's for sure. Hmmmm, let's see. Two ferry boats. I'm gonna guess Saltspring. Am I right?

What Comes Next? said...

I'm with Krista - next time you're out this way let us know! I just love that drive through the mountains - and your colour palette is a great one - calm and soothing, very earthy. I really like those coasters - a very lucky partner you've got. I haven't joined the dead simple QAL, cause I don't have any time left in my days, but I'll be watching what everyone creates!
Welcome home!

Debbie said...

Great coasters! I love that you quilted each one differently - cool. Also love your palette. I'm looking forward to the qa too.

tusen said...

When I read about your journey I wish I could see all the beautiful views, too. (Although I don't envy you the two days of driving).
The coasters look lovely and I think it was a great idea to quilt them differently.
Now don't laugh at me too much, but last night I had a dream in which you were showing me these fabrics, spreading them out so that I could see the colours better.

Sheila said...

You are one game girl making that journey, altho it sounds absolutely wonderful.
I love that colour palette, it screams beach and coast, you are tempting me towards that QAL.

Manda said...

Sounds like an amazing drive! Love the coasters!

Judith, Belfast said...

Oh Leanne, you're an inspiration. Your coasters are perfect and I just know you will create something equally as inspiring with your solids. You have a lovely way of descibing your world around you, making me wish I was right there with you! Hope the return to work is smooth and uneventful! Jxo

Rhonda the Rambler said...

Those coasters are great!!! I don't think I would put drinks on them...I would hang them on a wall instead. But that's just me! LOL

Sarah said...

Oh you must do more with those colours, they are so gorgeous :-) Wish I could've seen your views from your drive, sounded really beautiful.

MariQuilts said...

Great coasters...glad you made it home safely.

StuffandThings said...

I love your beachy palette!

Marg said...

Love those colours and the way you have quilted each one differently!

KellyS said...

Love your sibling coasters! I so wish I had time to join the Dead Simple QAL, but I believe when the new baby arrives (next week at the latest) I will be a little too busy and sleep-deprived to be sewing. I have heard of too many horror stories about stitched fingers.... ouch!