Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ta Da! Party Rings - All Done!

Party Rings mosaic of details

I can't pick which picture I like the best, so I am giving you all of them. If you want view bigger individual pictures, click the mosaic and you will go to the picture on my flickr page and it has links to all the individual pictures.

I love this quilt! It turned out pretty much exactly as I imagined - sort of retro looking like LP Records. It is soft and bumpy. It does not lay that flat in all spots but then again, beds and people are not that flat.

Party Rings

It is a full twin size, about 60" x 90". It is the product of Lily's Quilts QAL which was great fun. I learned a lot in this QAL and made some friends too.

Party Rings

It is hard to get a really good photo of the whole quilt, especially since it is grey and raining today, but I could not wait to show you.

Party Rings

The back is even harder to photograph. It is a black and brown flower print called Oh My by Saneae for Moda. The quilt front is a combination of Kona solids and prints Giselle by Jessica Gonacha Swift.  I bound it with one of the prints used in the giant dresen circles.

The quilt-as-you-go quilting was done in two different variegated threads,  called Strawberry Creme and Chocolate Brownies. These are hand dyed threads from Romania which I ordered from Valdani (I had no idea that thread could be so wonderful, go take a look).

Strawberry Cream and Chocolate Brownies - thread from Valdani

I joined the blocks after quilting using the method that I worked out with Marci from Marci Girl Designs and blogged here at Lily's Quilts. This method for joining worked out very nicely, there was no impact on the original design and I was able to quilt the blocks with the backs in place so you can see all the quilting on the back too.

Party Rings

Next week, this quilt is off to my niece, so I am going to ooh and aah over it until then.

This was a major part of May's quilting, so I am linking to to Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day. I am hoping to visit all the sites linked there over this week, I hope you will check them out too.
Fresh Sewing Day

Tomorrow I hope to tell you about my now finished new quilt top for my own bed, a product of the Naked Bed Challenge, which I just have to iron and photograph - it is king sized so even harder to get a good picture. I expect I will also tell you about some new quilt alongs I have not been able to resist.