Thursday, June 30, 2011

Anyone have a good idea for the quilting on this?

Little practice doll quilt

Here is my practice doll quilt so far. It is 14" x 14" but I could trim the white border some still. (I might do the white border over as well, I messed up on it rather spectacularly and those corners are really bugging me.)

I would love some ideas on how to quilt it. I am thinking that straight lines will be so much easier than tiny free motion quilting. But lines how? From corner to corner in a lattice? Echoing the Churn Dash Blocks? A vertical and horizontal grid? I am not keen on stitching in the ditch but maybe that is worth considering here. Other ideas - any help is appreciated here.

Edited to add: Those white squares call out for quilting but they are 1" and 1.25" squares, do you think I could free motion something there or would it just look like a thread glob?

Little practice doll quilt

The blue border is a Kaffe Fassetts shot cotton. I am really please with how it adds to this piece. You can see there are many things I have learned and will do better with next time. However, overall I am pretty pleased with my progress so far.

I have to say I am still overwhelmed with how cute tiny quilts are.