Thursday, June 30, 2011

Anyone have a good idea for the quilting on this?

Little practice doll quilt

Here is my practice doll quilt so far. It is 14" x 14" but I could trim the white border some still. (I might do the white border over as well, I messed up on it rather spectacularly and those corners are really bugging me.)

I would love some ideas on how to quilt it. I am thinking that straight lines will be so much easier than tiny free motion quilting. But lines how? From corner to corner in a lattice? Echoing the Churn Dash Blocks? A vertical and horizontal grid? I am not keen on stitching in the ditch but maybe that is worth considering here. Other ideas - any help is appreciated here.

Edited to add: Those white squares call out for quilting but they are 1" and 1.25" squares, do you think I could free motion something there or would it just look like a thread glob?

Little practice doll quilt

The blue border is a Kaffe Fassetts shot cotton. I am really please with how it adds to this piece. You can see there are many things I have learned and will do better with next time. However, overall I am pretty pleased with my progress so far.

I have to say I am still overwhelmed with how cute tiny quilts are.




Linz said...

I really love how this is looking!! SO cute! I think the lattice idea would be awesome. Free motion would be cool, though - if you were feeling strong in mini FMQ. Maybe try some mini FMQ on a scrap and see how you feel after that? Good luck! It looks darling!

Krista said...

The blue border really makes it pop, perfect choice! Lattice quilting would be nice, but I also think those white spaces scream for FMQ! I agree with linz, try it out on scraps to see how tiny you can FMQ, but I think it would be so worth doing. i've only ever done straight line tho, so i have no idea how tricky FMQ might be! good luck :D

Marg said...

Are you in to hand quilting? Maybe you could hand quilt inside each on point white square and then in the white triangles around the outside.
I'm terrible at trying to decide how to quilt any of my projects.

MariQuilts said...

It's looking so good....but I have no great quilting ideas.

Marci Girl said...

Beautiful! Maybe do a simple line quilting in the white diamonds like 1/8" away from the seam, maybe this would make the "churn dash" stand out more? Challenging this one is....

Letterpress said...

Try the idea of placing some transluscent paper over the quilt, and drawing on the paper some quilt ideas to try. You'll know pretty quickly if you like it or not. Since it is so tiny, and it has such a lovely geometric quality to it, I'd probably lean to a simpler quilting design--yes, even the straight lines. If you look at some antique quilts, when they did postage stamp-size pieces, often they use a simple X in the middle of all those small squares, making a grid overall.

I'll be watching your blog to see what you decide!

Elizabeth E.