Sunday, June 12, 2011

Presents for me - Pay it Forward Gifts!

Pay it Forward - all thIs for me!

Look what was waiting for me when I finally got home today! I have been out of town since Tuesday, and really tired of being away.

Judith, my friend from Rags to Bags, sent me such a wonderful surprise to come home to. Look at that flower, it so cheerful! It is a pin that I can wear or pin on a wall quilt to see all the time.

Pay it Forward - Wonderful Bag

This is the cutest bag, I love it! There are pockets inside too!

Party Rings - fresh from Ireland!

And Judith even sent me some Party Rings, the real kind! She named the Party Rings quilt, and you can see that the name is prefect.

This present was my Pay it Forward gift! The concept of passing on an unexpected kindness is really nice. It sure is fun when it is your turn to get the gift, I can assure you. If you have not yet done so, I encourage you to sign on when you next see an invitation.

So, having been away, I have not been quilting. Here is my newest project, I did four blocks before I left, and four tonight.

It is the Modern Crosses Quilt from Modern Log Cabin Quilting by Susan Beal. I have wanted to make this quilt since I saw it on the cover of the book. And I have wanted to play with these fabrics, the Not Afraid of Colour Bundle from Sew Fresh Fabrics since they arrived a few weeks ago.

Modern Crosses Quilt - so far

I am making this quilt to send to Quilts Recover.

I was in northern Alberta for part of last week - the smoke from the forest fires that are still burning is thick all over, although I was not very close to Slave Lake. I am glad to be able to help out this initiative, started by Cheryl from the Naptime Quilter. The first plan is to send quilts to those families who lost their homes so suddenly to the Slave Lake forest fires.

I hope you have enjoyed the weekend. I am glad to be back home.



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Judith, Belfast said...

Good to have you back! Glad you liked the wee pressie! I recently bought the Log Cabin book for this exact pattern - on my to do list! Yours is stunning - I love the crosses & the fabrics you've chosen. Quilts Recover is a great way of helping people. I'm hoping to start up something similar for needy families in my area. Jxo