Saturday, June 18, 2011

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt - totally enchanted!

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt QAL  blocks so far

These are my first 6 blocks from the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt. I have happily joined the Quilt Along over on flickr and you may want to go there to see all the amazing blocks. There is also a yahoo group which I have joined, my first time in a yahoo group.

Contrary Wife - #21 Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

This is #21, Contrary Wife. Each block is 6.5" unfinished and they are set on pointe in the quilt so that is how I photographed them.

Old Windmill - #62 Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

This one is #62, Old Windmill. The idea of the quilt along is that people will do about 2 blocks a week. I am now caught up to the schedule and I really do not plan to rush ahead.

Homeward Bound - #48 Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

This block is #48, Homeward Bound. You will have noticed that I am not doing them in order. The quilt has 111 blocks, I seem to be doing the easier ones first. Easier in that I can just do the math and piece them my favourite way. Some of the blocks are going to have to be paper pieced or maybe I will used the template method that the book describes.

Flock - #34 Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

This is #34, Flock. To me it looks more like a fish or a bunch of fish. The one in the book had different colours for the larger triangles but I like it like this.

I am a bit concerned that this could turn into a  never-ending quilt project, so I have resolved to put whatever is done by next June (or maybe sooner, who knows) into a quilt and finish it off.

I have some other blocks to make this weekend for one of my quilting bees and for the Mystery QAL. I'll post them tomorrow if I get them done. It is cold and raining today, a perfect day for more sewing!




  1. These are all lovely! I especially like the last one and agree it looks like a shoal or group of fish!

  2. Lovely blocks! I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's different fabric choices, and you all look like you're having so much fun!

  3. Cute blocks!! What a fun quilt a long!

  4. Love your fabric choices in these. I'm still wavering as to whether to join or not. My track record on QAL's is abysmal. It's really nice looking at the lovely blocks you are producing, maybe i should just do that.

  5. block the last two fish seem at odds. charming

  6. your blocks are lovely, very nice colors!

  7. I have seen many of these blocks on blogs, but yours are my absolute favourite! I love the crisp white contrasting with the bright colours.

  8. I've sent for the book, then I'm going to decide whether to do it or not. I really like the homeward bound. I'm a fan the white too.

  9. Your fabric choices are great - I love the fresh look on a traditional pattern.

  10. I'm loving your blocks and the fabrics you've chosen. Especially like the fishy one :)

  11. Love the way you are using white with the lovely bright colours. It makes the pattern of the individual blocks stand out. Really lovely! Jxo

  12. They look great! I ordered the book - I doubt I'll do them in order either. I've never set a quilt en pointe - there's a first for everything!

    Stay enchanted!

  13. These look great....and it looks like everyone doing these is having fun.


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