Friday, May 20, 2011

Turquoise Ocean - Bloggers' Quilt Festival

Turquoise Ocean

This quilt was my first bed size quilt - twin bed size, but still, it is bed size. It is a lovely design by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle and I used the version published in Better Homes and Garden Quilts and More magazine, Spring 2010. I have since bought a book, Quilts Made Modern by Kerr and Ringle. They are amazing designers and I hope to make more of their designs in the future.

Turquoise Ocean

I had just started quilting in March 2010 and on one of my first trips to the quilt fabric store, all I wanted to buy was the aqua fabric. Now, I had no intention of buying aqua fabric and I had no real idea of what I would do with it, but it reminded me of the ocean. Then I saw the Kerr and Ringle pattern, called Flower Show, which was so simple yet so lovely and it sort of reminded me of waves and whitecaps - sort of a stretch but there you go.

Turquoise Ocean

I did an all over stipple on this quilt. It was my second time free motion quilting effort and I am really happy with it. After washing it was soft and bumpy. It has now been washed several times and just gets better after each washing.

I used the leftover strips on the back.

Turquoise Ocean - back

I took these photographs yesterday morning just before I left my cottage which is on an island in the Pacific Ocean. My youngest son used this quilt until I made him his own, now it is living near the ocean, where it belongs.

I am linking this to the Bloggers' Quilt Festival which is hosted at Amy's Creative Side. This festival is one of my favourite things in the internet quilting world and I plan to spend the next couple of weeks visiting all the quilts posted there. I hope you will too.

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