Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Now for something completely different.

Blocks for A Kiss in Time quilt

Today I am sharing my progress on a quilt kit. Not just any kit, it came in the most beautiful black box:

It came in a black box!

On my quilting journey, I seem to want to try everything and make every kind of quilt. I am enjoying learning from the internet quilters via quilt alongs and tutorials. I also wanted to try a quilt kit, and when I found this improv kit to make a Gustav Klimt inspired quilt by the very talented Lonni Rossi, I could not resist. You can check out Klimt here and especially this one.

Here are the strips, the next step is to cut them up and piece them with the blocks.

Strips for A Kiss in Time quilt

These four blocks are rather small, just 4.5" x 3.5".

Blocks for A Kiss in Time quilt, they are cheddar coloured!

By the way, that picture of the tiny blocks is set on a Moda Bella Parade cheddar coloured fat quarter. I had pulled the fabric out earlier to see if there was anything in my photos that matched, and then I noticed this, a match.

Shruti at 13 Woodhouse Road is hosting the Bella Parade Fat Quarter Shop group to study colours for the month of May. This project has already made an impact on me, I am taking a better look at the colours around me and really thinking about the colours, not just the objects. Seeing colours as they are and paying attention to them particularly, seem to me to be excellent skills for a quilter.

Oh, and these skills will help me in my new quilt alongs, the Mystery Quilt Along and the Ogee Quiltalong. I am just choosing fabrics for those quilts. There are cute buttons for these and the Bella Parade (yes I am doing the QAL attached to that too) over on the left.

Just so you know, I pulled the finished Supernova quilt out of the drier an hour ago. It is great to be finished, I'll take pictures in the daylight and post them later this week.

I am linking this to WIP Wednesday, go have a look at the beautiful work linked there.

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