Sunday, May 22, 2011

Paper piecing - take 1

Mystery QAL - Block 2

This is block 2 from the Mystery Quiltalong. Sheila at the Bluepatch Quilter is really challenging us in this QAL. It is my first ever finished paper pieced block. I do need some practice, there is even a tiny bit of one seam that is not sewn in that I have to figure out what to do about and a tiny bit I fixed already. And I have made every silly paper piecing mistake several times over, but I am really happy with this block.

I did spend an large amount of time trying to get the fabrics to line up in a reasonable manner, not always with success. There is a good reason why traditional quilters use small, non-directional prints!

Circle of Geese - trial run

Here is my second paper pieced block. This is one of my all time favourite blocks and look - I made it! I used the template and tutorial from the Sometimes Crafter. It is a test run for one of my quilting bees, I hope to make the actual block later today.

Paper piecing is messy!

Of course, after you do all the work, there is a considerable amount of paper and little bits left behind. This is just the final bit, I swept away the mess after each quarter of the block.

The pillow I won!!

Look at the beautiful pillow I won from Linz at Domestic Light and Magic in her 100 followers give away. It made its way across the ocean to Canada in record time. I have promised to love and nurture it so I set it down on my grandfather's chair with a teddy bear for company. It looks pretty nice in its new spot I think. Also, check out the cute little flower pin she sent too!

It's a long weekend - I hope you have time to relax.




  1. The paper pieced blocks look fantastic! I love how accrate the method is - it's just about the only time my corners line up!!!

  2. Those blocks are fantastic!

  3. the blocks are very nice and your little pillow is a super gift. I love paper piecing. Such a nice finished look.

  4. Yay! The cushion looks very at home there with Ted, you are welcome!

    That's fabulous paper piecing! I'm very impressed with your geese block - it's a tricky one!

  5. Great job on the block! So grand. And lovely pillow in it's new home. Gotta love it!

  6. Your blocks are fab! Keep going with the paper piecing - it will soon be addictive! Cute cushion from Lynz too! Jxo

  7. Great post - love little ted with his cushion - I must show you mine one day - so to speak!

  8. Way to rock the paper piecing!! I am impressed!

  9. I am still struggling on the mystery quilt block piece. Yours looks great! I will work on mine again tomorrow morning. Congrats on getting it done. Funny thing is the second block that you posted (the geese in a circle) is the only other paper pieced pattern I ever printed. That is my favorite block so far. LOVE it! Great job.

  10. Congrats on the win, the pillow is beautiful! Your paper piecing looks great! I can't wait to try it soon too!

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