Sunday, May 22, 2011

Paper piecing - take 1

Mystery QAL - Block 2

This is block 2 from the Mystery Quiltalong. Sheila at the Bluepatch Quilter is really challenging us in this QAL. It is my first ever finished paper pieced block. I do need some practice, there is even a tiny bit of one seam that is not sewn in that I have to figure out what to do about and a tiny bit I fixed already. And I have made every silly paper piecing mistake several times over, but I am really happy with this block.

I did spend an large amount of time trying to get the fabrics to line up in a reasonable manner, not always with success. There is a good reason why traditional quilters use small, non-directional prints!

Circle of Geese - trial run

Here is my second paper pieced block. This is one of my all time favourite blocks and look - I made it! I used the template and tutorial from the Sometimes Crafter. It is a test run for one of my quilting bees, I hope to make the actual block later today.

Paper piecing is messy!

Of course, after you do all the work, there is a considerable amount of paper and little bits left behind. This is just the final bit, I swept away the mess after each quarter of the block.

The pillow I won!!

Look at the beautiful pillow I won from Linz at Domestic Light and Magic in her 100 followers give away. It made its way across the ocean to Canada in record time. I have promised to love and nurture it so I set it down on my grandfather's chair with a teddy bear for company. It looks pretty nice in its new spot I think. Also, check out the cute little flower pin she sent too!

It's a long weekend - I hope you have time to relax.