Sunday, May 1, 2011

So long to April, time for the May flowers.

Party Rings, one block

Lynne is again hosting Fresh Sewing Day, asking us to share what we enjoyed the most in April.

Mostly I have enjoyed thinking about the quilting part of making quilts and actually doing the quilting. I am now quilting my giant dresdens for my Party Rings (Lily's Quilts QAL) quilt. I decided to unify the 6 blocks by doing lines around the dresdens (but varying the distances that the lines are apart) and then try to use as many different quilting patterns for the centres and outside bits as I can. So, no expert quilting here, but I am having a lot of fun.

Party Rings, detail

Party Rings, second block, detail

Party Rings, second block, detail

Party Rings, second block

There are six blocks in all, but the quilting goes reasonably fast. The thread colours are Strawberry Swirl and Chocolate Brownies, perfect for the Party Rings I thought.

I also made wall quilt (something I probably, at some point, said I would not do...sigh... never say never). I am rather fond of it, it is called Sheltered. I have put it on the blog before, but one more time:

Sheltered, Trimmings2011

I have done some other quilty things in April which were and continue to be great fun, but that's enough for today. Do try to visit the talented crew linking at Fresh Sewing Day and enjoy your Sunday.

Fresh Sewing Day @ Lily's Quilts