Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some progress

Supernova top completed

I have finished the Supernova QAL top. This pattern is rather amazing, each new person's approach to it just leads to another beautiful quilt. If you go over to the flickr group you can see for yourself.

Here is my plan for the back. Lee designed a really nice zig zag (go here to Freshly Pieced for her design) using some of the subunits but since I had an extra block done and some bits of fabrics left, I decided to use them instead. (Please excuse the wrinkles - I was in a rush this morning)

Supernova QAL back

Now I am challenged to quilt it. Some people have done an all over pattern like a stipple or loopy loop and others are doing straight lines. I am inclined to straight lines that might emphasize the asterisk and other secondary straight line patterns but am not sure yet. Turning this quilt on pointe lets you notice some of the secondary designs better.

Supernova top completed

I am leaving you with these, Party Rings in the flesh, in Canada, courtesy of my friend who was recently in London. These sure do look like the giant dresden blocks for my Party Rings quilt, don't you think? Judith, quilt-namer extraordinaire, was right!

Party Rings, straight from London


ps. I have linked to WIP Wednesday where there is, as usual, spectacular work to see.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced