Tuesday, April 12, 2011

QAYG - it's pretty fun!

QAYG - stage 1

Much of my time is spent quilting these blocks (edited to add: these are my Bloggers Block-a-Palooza blocks, there are earlier posts about them). It is really fun to be able to spin them around and change the angle without a care to how much of the rest of the quilt has to move.

QAYG, bloggers block-a-palooza block

And here is the back.

QAYG, bloggers block-a-palooza block, back

This one has flying geese.


And one more.

QAYG - stage 1

I am hoping to get my nerve up to do some interesting free motion quilting, not just straight lines.

I am reading tutorials about how to join the blocks, I will post links to a bunch of excellent ones when I start the joining process.

There are other interesting projects over at Quilt Story, you should have a look.

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