Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quilting Bees

Quilting bees are messy!
Quilting Bees are messy!

But I made some nice blocks:
Aqua and Orange Bee - Melissa's Blocks

Aqua and Orange Bee - Melissa's Blocks

Those two are for the Aqua and Orange Bee - I get to use these amazing colours when it is my turn! We used the Quilt Dad tutorial for these (it is here).

And this one is for my other bee, the Twelve Month Quilting Bee:

Twelve Month Quilting Bee - Melissa's Block

The tutorial for this block is here, by Elizabeth Hartman from ohfransson! I have wanted to try this block  for a long time so it was great to have the chance. It is a much harder block to do than I thought, with a fair bit of planning along the way but the result is well worth it.

These are off to Melissa tomorrow. I wonder what blocks I will get to do next month, the surprise is another fun part of being in a quilting bee.