Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quilt as I go?

I am enjoying the quilting stage using my sewing machine. I am starting to feel comfortable with the idea of doing something more than either straight lines or stippling on an actual quilt. But big quilts are hard to maneuver and my accuracy suffers as a result. Doing careful, slower, detailed quilting seems overwhelming to me when looking at a bed size quilt.

Lately I have been thinking about the "quilt as you go" process. In Lily's Quilts QAL we will be quilting these blocks in separate 30" squares using this method.
Lily's Quilts QAL
Besides my love of this block, I think the QAYG part is what attracted me the most. This week we are adding the outside borders, my blocks now have their pieced centres in place and are ready for that step. I am keen to to get to the point where we start the quilting.

As I continue to ponder the question of how to finish the Blogger's Block-a-palooza blocks, I came across this post by Mary Ann at Rocknquilts where she set out in pictures a technique of QAYG for traditional blocks, quilting basically in the ditch. The small QAYG pieces would make this a realistic possibility for me to be able to do. Here are the blocks again, any thoughts on this idea are most welcome.
Bloggers Block-a-Palooza All 16 blocks

I am linking this to WIP Wednesday, I always enjoy the work of the inspired quilters there, go and take a look.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced



  1. Your Dresdens are so colorful and I can't wait to see how the QAYG works for these!

  2. Love your dresdens. The ones I am making are ALL pink for my baby (age 5 - LOL) who recently decided that she likes pink. Wish I could have put brown in too.

  3. The dresdens look great...and your other blocks are very nice as well. I am a hand quilter; so that's what I would do with them...but the idea of quilting in the ditch; as you go; makes sense too. I can't handle a large quilt on my machine...not enough room in my sewing room to do that...

  4. I love your dresden wheels, they look great! Having just wrapped up the quilting part of a QAYG project, I can definitely say that it's a super fun way to quilt. For your Block-a-Palooza blocks, QAYG could be fun, here's a few other QAYG ideas... You could do some simple straight-line quilting or outline quilting. Good luck!

  5. Thank you for linking my blog post for everyone to see the "quilt as you go" pictoral! I will post more as I finish the quilt, including the borders!

  6. Hi - I just adore your puppies, boys and monkeys quilt. Could you tell me the name of the red, yellow and grays that you used in the quilt? Thank you so much. Christine

  7. The dresden's are so pretty. Love the blocks too.

  8. Lovely! I can't wait to see both quilts put together!

  9. I have used the quilt as you go method for a mug rug and 2 sewing machine covers. (One I'm swapping and one for me). I like it, but it still doesn't solve (for me) the backing (since I always decide that last and procrastinate to boot).

  10. Your Dresdens are so sweet, I love the pinks and browns you are using. I've never tried QAYG, but it does sound intriguing. Happy Stitching!


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