Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Summit Shawl - Ta Da!

Summit Shawl

A while ago, I finished my Summit Shawl. The pattern by Mandie Harrington is free on Knitty. I used a single skein of a Handmaiden silk that was in my stash. The only modification I made to the pattern was to knit the shawl with less width to be more of a scarf, in large part because I did not have sufficent yarn to make it full sized, and then I knit until my yarn ran out.

Summit Shawl

Knitting these mod style large round holes looks oh so hard. But the truth is that this pattern is really easy. Seriously, easy peasy.

As you knit this one up it looks like a crumpled mess. Blocking is essential.

I give my knitting a wash in my kitchen sink with either a very little Soak or my regular dish washing soap and water that is neither hot or cold. I scrunch it into the soapy water and squish it a few times and let it soak for a bit to let the water get to the core of the yarn. Then more scrunches but no rubbing or pulling, and a rinse or two with the same neither hot or cold water. Scrunch out the excess water, lay out on towel, roll up, pound on towel a bit, unroll, and then block out with pins.

As we have no rugs (you can put a dry towel on your rug or bed), I use these play blocks that my kids had when they were little to pin out my knitting to block it. I pull the pins quite hard but not so hard as to break the yarn. Once it is dry, it is clean and ready to use. I don't wash my knitted pieces that often unless they have something spilled on them, but when I wash, I repeat this whole process and it works fine for me for all types of yarn - but if you are worried, wash and block your swatch piece first as a test.

Summit Shawl

As I said, the Summit Shawl looks harder than it is to make.

Summit Shawl

This gives you a bit of scale, that is a regular upright piano. All the loops are there but some fell over for the photo.

I am finding myself drawn back to my knitting a lot this winter, so you can expect to see a few more knit projects here too.

This was one of My Q4 2016 FAL finishes - my finish round up post is here.




Cheryl said...

I find knitting to be a magical and mysterious process that I do not understand at all. You are a magician!

Marly said...

What a lovely scarf! I've never blocked my knitting, but I understand it's essential here. Now to download the pattern! Thanks for the link.

Melody A. said...

it is just an amazing creation, love the color!! what a clever idea for those blocks, I have some of those and never thought of using them for this!! take care, from Iowa, USA

Linda Williamson said...

I completely agree with Cheryl about knitting. Your shawl is stunning

Sarah said...

This so so gorgeous it makes me want to pick up my needles again! The colour is wonderful too.

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

It's beautiful!