Thursday, January 12, 2017

My Q1 2017 FAL Goals

Hi, I hope you will join me and all the global hosts for the 2017 Finish - A - Long. All you need to do is  link up a list of unfinished projects that you want to finish in the first three months of 2017. Then at the end of the quarter, you post each finish and each finish is an entry for one of the many prizes sponsored by generous members of the quilting industry. You have until Saturday night to post your list on any of the host blogs, go here on my blog.

I post a list too, as a host I join in the FAL community although I don't win prizes and this morning I thought it was time to make that list.

Well, here is the thing, I don't know what I want to work on for the rest of the darkness that is this winter. It's very busy at my day job, QuiltCon is coming up which I know will overwhelm me and stop me from creating at all for a while as it does that every year, I spend a silly amount of time these days reading and worrying about every bit of world news,

and I don't really feel like making a stinking list!

But, I know I will quilt and that the creating will be good for me. The focus it demands (to avoid cutting off or sewing through my fingers at a minimum) helps to lift the worries of work, the world and stuff for a while. Being creative is renewing. I will make the time.

So despite my grumpy mood, I am making a list. I am just putting on it projects that I know I will love working on. And I don't care if I don't finish a single one of them, but it would be so great if I did.

Improv top

1. Bee Sewcial year 1 quilt - I have the top done. I stalled because I realized a block from one of my bee mates was left out and under stuff where I found it. But I have blocks from that bee mate in the quilt so I have given myself permission to carry on. That extra block will become something lovely and will not be hiding alone on the back.

Improv stripes

2. Improv stripes. I need to take the top apart and add in the last column. I originally left it out because it was shorter than the rest but I have decided I want it in and the quilt will be smaller. I want to play with improv stripes in other quilts too.

playing with improv circles

3. Improv circles - This block is the start of another cycles quilt. I have two blocks done now and want to finish it soon as there is another cycles quilt in my head already to be made too.

4. Bee Sewcial year 2 blocks - I have a the rest of the blocks in hand now too, not all are in this photo. My month is November so I get to start the year with a set of great blocks to be a quilt. I asked my bee mates to play with circles too, in a maximalist way. So a quilt at the end of March would be excellent.

5. Bee Sewcial swap blocks - I just blogged about these blocks. I need to finalize the layout and make the quilt.

6. Tula Pink Tabby Road Quilt - I was able to buy a jelly roll of Tabby Road at Quilt Market. But I had never used a jelly roll. This quilt came together in the later part of December, just for fun. It started out rather traditionally but morphed into this more dramatic graphic. I need to decide if I add a round of charcoal to the edges to float the graphic a bit more or not and get it quilted.

I have a lot more unfinished projects around. I hope to spend some time organizing them and evaluating the chances of them being finished or not, but not today. These 6 projects are more than enough for Q1.

I sure hope you will join us, even making this list has cheered me up some.