Saturday, January 7, 2017

My Q4 Finishes 2016 FAL

Q4 FAL 2016 Goals

That mosaic set out my Q4 Finish A Long goals. I really wanted to finish each of those projects, but alas, I did not. But I did finish 4 of them and I am very happy about that.


I blogged about Imp here, and shared her progress in several other posts. I am very proud of Imp and she will be showing at QuiltCon 2017.

Winter napkins

I also finished my winter/holiday napkins, and in fact my blog post - here - has a mini tutorial about how to make them.

Summit Shawl

 My actual first finish of the quarter was my Summit Shawl, and I realized that I did not yet write a blog post about it. I will rectify that early next week, it is a lovely piece. You can get the free pattern by Maddie Harrington from Knitty here if you want to give it a try. This is one of those "it looks so much harder than it really is" projects.

My fourth finish is Focus. I also have not yet blogged about her and will do so next week too. I am so proud of this quilt, she was made with no rulers (except for the final trimming of the edge), I wanted very gently not quite straight stripes, a sort of pencil line drawing look. Regular readers will know that I first made a block, then a mini quilt of similar looks and now Focus which is a much larger version (around 50" square, I need to remeasure her, and much harder to make). Focus is going to QuiltCon 2017 too.

I wanted to share these four finishes before the Q4 2016 link up closes. It does so in about 3.5 hours (at 9 pm MST) so if you still have finishes, you might want to get them posted soon.

Tomorrow the Q1 2017 FAL link up opens to post your to be finished lists. I plan to roll over the other projects in my mosaic and add some more, I hope you are making your own list and planning to join us.




Debbie said...

Terrific finishes and I gotta say I especially love Focus! Thanks Leanne for all you do for the FAL!

Unknown said...

I love Imp! Great colors, design, and quilting. It's brilliant!!!

Alice G said...

Hi, I love Imp and Focus is a delight. I do know how to knit a bit, but am really a crocheter (faster for me.) Is there any way that I can change that lovely shawl into a crochet project? Any hints would help.

I love following your blog -
alice g