Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday winners

I'm popping in briefly this morning to share the winners of the July Scraptastic Tuesday link up prizes, sponsored by these generous folks:

A huge thank you to our generous sponsors for providing the following prizes:
Thank you all for the inspiring scrappy links and congratulations to all the winners, we will email you over the course of Tuesday to get you connected to your prizes, and if they are not done before, I'll finish those emails tonight.

Inukshuk - Inuvik

That's an inukshuk, a marker often used to point the way home. I'm leaving Inuvik shortly - ending my stay north of  the Arctic Circle. The quilters here are lovely and generous and I'll share more of my visit later this week. I will be back at my own home tonight, after a trip through Norman Wells and Yellowknife.

Please plan to join Nicky at Mrs. Sew and Sow and I for the August Scraptastic Tuesday link up which will be the second Tuesday of the month - August 11, 2015.