Sunday, July 12, 2015

Q3 FAL my whole UFO list - yikes

2015 - Unfinished projects list

As those of you who follow me on instagram know, we are moving house this summer. This has forced me to start packing fabric and organizing my quilting and sewing supplies. It seemed to me that it was also time to own up to all or at least most of the UFOs scattered about here and there.

So I have collected them all - well I am now remembering one, two, more, oops and I have edited below to add the missing projects - and made a mosaic. If you want to see the pictures in more detail, click this link to go to the Flickr album or this link to go to the Pinterest board.

Given that there is no penalty for not finishing, I'm going to put them all on my Q3 FAL list too, although I expect a large number will carry over. I am hoping that having the list will get them either on the way to being done or maybe given away or something.

Because you know I have many new projects to start and finish too - which is a good thing as there is a lot of fabric around here and packing it up only reminds me of that. I'll share more on packing and moving soon.

So following the mosaic, here are the projects in order and what is next to do  (left to right, top to bottom):

  • Magenta and navy courthouse steps: I am almost finished with the quilting now, then bind and it's done.
  • Scrappy Liberty Medallion: I need to finish a couple more rounds of the top, make the back, quilt, bind.
  • Scrappy blocks neutral: These need to be made into a quilt.
  • Scrappy blobs: These might be added to the scrappy blocks or become their own quilt, either way they need to be a quilt.
  • Blocks from Luke Hanes QuiltCon workshop: I might make these into a series of coasters, sort of mug rug sized or maybe a quilt.
  • Liberty sampler: I need to make these into a quilt, maybe adding more from Nicky's sampler or maybe finishing them as is. Also they might become the back of the Liberty Medallion?
  • Improv scrappy Xs: I need more of these and then they need to be a bed sized quilt. 
  • Improv guitar case: I need more "fabric" and then to design and finish the case.
  • Giant pluses: I started this with some of the magenta and navy fabrics and I need to finish this quilt.
  • Improv Log Cabins: A quilt, and soon.
  • Pickle Dishes: Also a king size quilt and soon. Luckily Nicky has a DWR along going on and that might help.
  • Beachy neutrals: I need to finish this project, as I remember how much I love it.
  • Mystery Quilt: This one needs quilting, and I am now totally ready to do it. 
  • Jungle Abstract Lion: This quilt is a priority as it needs to be done by the end of August. I have the fabrics and the pattern is printed, so I am ready to go on it.
  • Pillows: I am going to make this beautiful fabric into pillows for the new house.
  • Lightning quilt for Christa's blog hop: The top is ready to quilt, I just need to make the back and get to it. It is also a priority.
  • Florid Blooms: This is dwr #2 from Victoria's class at QuiltCon. That DWR along will help.
  • Farmer's wife blocks: I have more of the fabric but this project has been stalled forever. I might just finish them into a smaller quilt and call it a day.
  • Blue Bee Blocks: these were from the 4 x 5 bee, and are beautiful. They are ready to be a quilt.
  • Improv back: This needs to be taken apart and either more blocks made or pieced into a white background. Initially it was to be the back for the beachy neutral quilt but I don't thinks so now. It would make an excellent baby quilt.
  • Liberty one patch: I put this together ages ago to be a quilting practice quilt so now I should quilt it.
  • Irish chain in green: I forgot about this one, time to finish it.
  • Polaroid blocks: I am going to piece these into an i-spy quilt.
  • Bee blocks: I started quilting these and the quilting was horrid. So it is on a time out but it's time to pick out the quilting and start again to finish the quilt.
  • Bee blocks: these are wonderful blocks and they need to be a quilt.
  • Bee blocks: these are from my very first bee and they are wonderful. They need to be one or two quilts.
  • Quilt kit: this is my only ever quilt kit and it's beautiful so I need to finish it too.
  • Bee blocks: the stars are fantastic and will be a quilt too.
  • Place mats: I have three in various stages, time to finish them.
  • Hexagons: These could be a nice pillow, why aren't they already?
  - not included in the mosaic, but not forgotten:
  • No quilt - I have some great blocks, I need to make some more and finish this quilt. With so much quilting on my list, I need to say "No" a lot more a the day job.
  • Blended scraps - I started another version of this quilt, and I need to make more blocks and finish.
  • Giant star:  I made a top and it has not even been photographed, so I need to get it out and quilt it and take photos.
  • Pink Allium quilt: again, no photos, but blocks are made. This one is a priority as I would like to sell the pattern.
  • Another Allium blue quilt: The top is done, why it is not quilted and finished and photographed is not at all clear to me. It is a different layout and could also be a pattern. 
30 35 projects, yikes. And I've now remembered some that I forgot to add, oops. I do consider quilting a process and am not really stressed that they are not done. But the thing is that I really like all these projects so maybe the list will help finish them off - maybe even more than one finish will happen this quarter.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

If you have not joined in yet, the Finish Along is a low key way to try to get some of your UFOs out of the sewing room - go to Adrianne's blog On the Windy Side here to join the Q3 link up. Everyone is welcome, and you have until 11 p.m. PST to link up your list. By the way, you don't have to own up to all your UFOs, one can just link up a few or even one project to finish.

I'm off to sew and pack and such today.