Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It's Tuesday - quilting progress

Quilting - ready to start

My occasional small scrap project lists (the last one was here) have been helping me to keep from starting new scrappy projects every time I sit down to the machine. And it reminds me that this project went from using my blogger's bundle to being a scrappy one as I hunted for more fabric to finish her off. This last weekend I was working on quilting the magenta and navy courthouse steps quilt. I settled on making this quilt a nice 70" square.

Quilting detail

I decided - wait for it - on quilting some lines on the quilt. This time I decided to quilt each lantern separately, rather than an all over set of lines. The lines in the lanterns are unevenly spaced but about 1/4" to 1/2" apart freehand on my long arm Millennium. Also, I purposely decided to not stitch the outline of the lantern - either in the ditch or away from the edge. I wanted to see how it would work without that more "finished" or traditional approach to motif stitching.

Quilting detail

I'm also changing threads to sort of match the lanterns - dark blue, variegated pink and ivory/sand. The motif quilting and the changing threads is making this a much slower quilting project, but also fun and relaxing.

I know that some folks mend in their threads as they go. So far, I can't bring myself to do that, when I am in a quilting frame of mind I am too impatient to do a nice job on the mending in. I am thinking all the thread changes on this quilt and the subsequent time to mend them in later might reform me some, we shall see.

Quilting in progress

Here is where I stopped. I am hoping to get time to finish her off this week.

I also wanted to remind you that next Tuesday, July 14, is the July Scraptastic Tuesday link up, so please plan to join us to share your scrappy projects in progress or finished or your thoughts on taming the scrap mountain. Oh and check out Nicky's post at Mrs. Sew and Sow, she is starting a DWR scrappy quilt!