Thursday, February 5, 2015

Playing with Navy and Magenta

Giant Plus

Last night I cut into the She Can Quilt bundle that I had from Fabric Spark. I started the giant plus quilt I was planning to make. I'm debating using just white in the empty spaces or several solids that are whiteish - white, ivory, snow, etc. I was thinking I could use up some of the solid scraps for that maybe.

Giant Plus

I thought you might like to see what it looks like when I am sewing late at night. Fairly dark at this time of year and messy. But I was having a good time.

Courthouse steps

Tonight I still have not decided on the solids for the giant plus quilt, so I started another new project. My chronic startitis is out of control in these darkest months of winter.  I have long wanted to make a courthouse steps quilt, especially since I saw this fantastic one by Audrie at Blue is Bleu. Tonight I decided it was time to just start one

Courthouse steps

My quilt will grow organically, block by block. There is no way I will be planning it out in advance, and it is more fun this way for me as I watch how the pattern develops.

My blocks are made with 2" wide strips and are 14" unfinished. Starting with a snow coloured 2" square, the strips are cut to 3", 5", 8", 11" and 14" and one WOF or two fat quarter strips is enough for one side of a block.

A beautiful bundle from Fabric Spark - give away on my blog today

The giveaway to win a bundle of these magenta and navy fabrics from Fabric Spark is still open, until Friday at midnight MST. If you haven't yet entered, please go here and do so. I'm pretty sure you will love these fabrics, I do. And if you don't win, you can always buy one of these bundles by going here.

By the way, we are having a snowstorm.