Saturday, February 7, 2015

Courthouse steps question and a winner

Magenta and Navy Courthouse Steps

I have made 6 courthouse steps blocks so far with my fabrics from the She Can Quilt Bundle 2.0 from Fabric Spark. You can see I have started adding more fabrics to this quilt to supplement the bundle.

As I looked at the photo this morning I realized that the way I placed the fabrics and put the lantern shapes together so far means that the lantern shapes have three points and one flat end. The flat end looks a bit odd with a white square at the start as that blends in for the neutral lanterns and stands out on the colours.

So there are a few solutions I have thought of:
  • Change out the white starting squares for another colour and make them a feature. I am thinking either aqua or darker purple. 
  • Take out the three small squares - the first round of the block and put in a three square long piece of either white or aqua or dark purple. This would make the top of the lantern a feature and the bottom and top would match in shape.
  • Leave them as they are. I think it might bug me too much to do that.
Changing out the starting square(s) is not that hard. I could take the opportunity to make a tutorial about how to easily do that without taking the entire block apart.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, I think I will consider this for a while today and do some quilting on another quilt instead.

A beautiful bundle from Fabric Spark - give away on my blog today

The lucky winner, picked by the random number generator (#102), of the beautiful bundle is Elena, who I have emailed. Thank you to Fabric Spark for sponsoring this lovely giveaway.  And if you would like to purchase this bundle, just go over to Fabric Spark, here.

Thank you all for the comments, I have enjoyed reading them all. I'm glad so many of you love this colour combination. It sure has been making me smile during the long dark nights this week - I am so looking forward to getting out of the darkest months of winter soon.

It's time to get moving, I have a day pretty much to myself today, so I am going to sew and do some errands. I am determined to hit 10,000 steps today, so I expect a walk is required too.