Thursday, December 11, 2014

Quilts are going to QuitCon


I am very proud and honoured to let you know that the three quilts I submitted to QuiltCon were accepted to be in the show. They are Breathe (above), Peace and Cycles 2 (in order below). You can click those names to read more about each quilt. Yes, I entered quilts with all the same colour palette, I did not really expect that they would all be accepted, but I am good as these are my favourite colours.


I am so pleased for all of my friends, and other quilters I have yet to meet who also have their quilts going to QuiltCon. Over 1350 quilts were entered, it is just so special to have a quilt accepted, congratulations to all of the quilters. I am so looking forward to seeing them in person.

Cycles 2

I regret that not all the quilts, lovingly and painstakingly crafted by the modern quilt community were accepted. I expect that many of those which were not accepted - I have seen several on Instagram - are quilts I might have accepted if I was making the decisions.

But folks, a non-acceptance in this one show is NOT a suggestion that a quilt is not modern or not worthy or not {insert word here}. Imagine having to pick a limited number of quilts out of 1350 photographs. Not. A. Job. That. Was. Easy.

When I enter a quilt show, I expect to be turned down. I am not a master quilter, not a show quilter. I just enter my quilts in shows. I am not sure I know a single person who is a perfect quilter yet, we are all on a journey to learn and have fun and we all get better and better.

So please, let's celebrate the quilts that are in the show and honour the skill and beauty of those who are not in it this time.

But let's stop with the negative judgement either of ourselves, our quilts, or the jury.

This is supposed to be fun, let's not lose the thread.