Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thinking about my blog at the beach

On Sunday we went to one of my favourite public beaches. There is this massive shallow bay so when the tide is out, it is way, way out. When it comes in on a sunny day, the water is quickly warmed by the warm sand and it is like swimming in a nice warm tub. There were a lot of people there, but that did not prevent me from taking a few photos with almost no one in them. This beach is at Parksville, B.C. which is on Vancouver Island in Canada. Those mountains, the ones behind the island in the foreground, are on the mainland, a ways north of Vancouver.

I've been thinking a lot about this blog, and I wanted to share some of the changes I am going to make - they are not big changes but you might notice. First, I wanted to do a bit more in partnership with my blog sponsors without changing the fact that this blog will always focus on my quilting journey. However, I don't post as often as many of my blogging friends, and I thought I could take advantage of those empty days  to post some sponsor stuff.

So here is what you can expect to see. I have offered my sponsors a chance to have a give away once ever quarter on the blog, at their often. These give aways will generally start on a Monday (but not every Monday) and run to Thursday morning with a post on Thursday night to announce the winners. I am also going to do a post every Friday - I think I will call it "If you want to shop" (but I am open to title suggestions) with sponsor news - sales, discounts, new products, events, etc.

These two new regular posts will not change the number of my regular quilting posts but will hopefully give readers and sponsors a chance to connect better, achieve bargains, and win or give away nice stuff.

The other thing I have been thinking about is what else you might like to see happening in this space. Jess and I will be finishing up Decipher Your Quilt over the next few weeks, on our totally laid back and unpredictable schedule. Beyond me sharing my quilting ups and downs, ideas and new patterns, would you like me to do something more - a regular link up, another semi-regular quilting series (I keep thinking a tips and tricks series would be fun, for example), or something else?

I'm off to the big island again today, but I'll be quilting tonight. If you have not yet entered the draw for Jess's pattern, go here to do so. It is a lovely pattern, as is she.