Saturday, July 26, 2014

Some work In progress

cross stitched geese - in progress

I thought I would talk about some work in progress as things seem to move much slower when I am at the coast and there are no finishes to show off. I am stitching some flying geese for my secret partner in The Big Stitch Swap. I'm still not sure what this will be - maybe a hoop of colourful geese, maybe part of some kind of pouch or bag.  I have a week to get it done before it is time to mail.

I went shopping for hoops and new threads and linen yesterday. I'm excited to start stitching. #bigstitchswap

You can see my limited colour scheme from the shopping trip last week. I should have bought the 50 colour pack of threads but this felt like a lot. I might get some more tomorrow. It's been a long while since I cross stitched, and it is lovely to be doing it again. It used to be something I was always working on.

My new gazebo

I've been stitching in my new gazebo. I have already tied up all that netting, it is rather useless as the insects fly in and then cannot leave and it flies about in the wind. But the gazebo is a great place to sit and stitch or nap or read.

Improv log cabin blocks

At Quilt Market I picked up a bundle fabrics called color:FULL by Jennifer Sampou, which the internet says will not be for sale until October. I so love this group of prints and textured woven fabrics so I decided to make them into improv log cabins which are hopefully not wonky. The picture above shows the beautiful saturated colours.

The blocks so far, although the light is poor.

As of tonight I have 9 blocks done, and the light is not great anymore but you get the idea. This is going to be a nice, soft and tactile winter quilt, with an old fashioned air to it. In fact I am imagining it on the sofa in front of the roaring fire in a beautiful log cabin while the snow falls outside. Maybe I am the only one who loves to work on winter quilts in the heat of the summer and dream of living in a log cabin?

Tomorrow is a day at the beach. I think I will take those flying geese along and see what happens next. I hope you are having a lovely weekend.




  1. Have a great time ! Lots of lovely creativity !

  2. Your stitching is perfect Leanne! But we wouldn't expect anything less! It will be a treasured gift for your partner!

  3. The log cabin blocks are looking lovely - I'm interested in hearing more about the textured wovens...

  4. You are totally not the only one thinking of that in the summer! I love Jennifer's fabrics so these are just dreamy.

  5. I love your flying geese. I always love to have a cross-stitch project to work on :)

  6. flying geese at the beach will give the seagulls a run for their money - wish I had a gazebo, it looks like a lovely place to stitch

  7. you have more patience than me cross stitch no way, when I tried it years ago it made me cross eyed and cross, I think that is why it is called cross stitch, nothing to do with crosses at all.

    Lovely selection of fabrics and the log cabin works so well with them

  8. That's a beautiful range, I've not seen any previews of it but it may end up on my wish list now! Enjoy the stitching.

  9. Your geese are just beautiful! I love the Aida you choose and the floss colors are just beautiful together. Can't wait to see where this goes :)

  10. Sounds like you are having a lovely time!!


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