Friday, June 20, 2014

Finally, time to breathe

Breathe - in progress

Last night I hit the half way point with the matchstick quilting on Breathe. I am only using cotton thread for the quilting on this quilt, which is about 70" square right now. Since I keep changing colours, I need to wind bobbins and since I only have 5 bobbins I have been throwing out some bits of thread and letting the bobbins dictate when to change colours. This morning I ordered 45 more bobbins, enough of that - then I can keep half full bobbins with the matching thread spool for next time

When you are unusually busy in your real life and are matchstick quilting a large quilt, your pictures are not exciting. Luckily, my instagram friends remain tremendously encouraging, and refrain from saying they are bored. I am actually not bored at all quilting this quilt, and it is relaxing and calming too.

Breathe - in progress

I shipped Earth off yesterday to Charlotte, North Carolina yesterday for the American Quilter Society show there at the end of July. I first took out the machine stitching on the binding and hand stitched it instead and added a hanging sleeve and label (more not exciting sewing). If you are going to be at that show and can send me a photograph, please do.

I am going to go in person to the AQS show in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at the end of August and Snowfall is going to be shown there. So I will finally get to see one of my quilts hanging in person - it seems I have become a quilt show enterer. Oh, and I need to do a post here about why I think more modern quilts need to get entered in these shows, look for it next week.

You will recall that Earth was made from my Canvas pattern, which is now available at Fluffy Sheep Quilting - it feels very cosmopolitan to have my pattern for sale in three different currencies, Canadian dollars, U.S. dollars and Euros. I am slowly seeing where else I list my patterns (I'll not be satisfied until I have listed it in least 5 currencies) - edited: Sheila reminded me that Cindy lists the pattern in both Euros and British Pounds, so all I need is one more currency and I will have 5! - and I expect to have more patterns available by the end of July (including one for Cycles 2).

Breathe - in progress

Last weekend I was away working the whole time, so I am so happy to have this one off. Tomorrow I am going to finish my overdue bee blocks so I can mail them on Monday. I am going to put together my photos for the next Decipher Your Quilt post - about deciphering circles. And I am hoping to start something new. I have this fantastic fabric from Quilt Market crying for a turn to be used. So I will have something more to show you, besides this one project, I promise.

And, for tomorrow, Happy Solstice, June 21, the longest day of the year is one of my favourites.