Thursday, June 26, 2014

Almost there, still breathing

Breathe - in progress

Breathe is off the long arm and has her binding sewn on the front. I will be spending some time stitching it down by hand and mending in the ends - there are a lot of ends from where threads broke or bobbins ran out. More organized folks mend them in as they go. Right now she feels fairly cardboardy from all that thread on the Essex linen borders, but I am fairly sure that a wash will fix that.

Spiderweb block for Clara

I did finally finish my spiderweb blocks for Clara for May in the Modern Stitching Bee. I try not to get behind on bee blocks, but I have to say that I really don't like making these blocks. The spiderweb quilts are amazing but I cannot imagine making a whole quilt of the blocks myself, so a perfect bee block.

Spiderweb block for Clara

Some thoughts if you were making a bunch. Get your strips sorted and cut to the right widths before you start. Piecing them into strip sets before one attached the first strip to the centre point would also make the process more friendly and faster too.

By the way, have you been to Flickr lately? They have done another upgrade and I like it much better than the just past version. I have to say that I love flickr, and I am glad to see it becoming a little more friendly to use again too.

Scrappy Boxy Star for Celeste

These Bonnie Hunter's Boxy Stars are for Celeste in Always Bee Learning. She sent the fabrics already cut to size, so the blocks were a breeze to put together. Getting to the mail has been more difficult and it is on my list to mail both these sets of blocks off today.

Scrappy Boxy Star for Celeste for Always Bee Learning.

My other Boxy Star. This is one of those blocks that I would like to play more with one day. I still have Anneliese's June bee blocks to get done in the next few days - they are each composed of 36 HSTs with my own fabrics so I am back to the scrap bins again.

Pillow in progress - Canvas pattern

I woke up to read the wonderful things that the Pink Chalk Fabrics folks wrote about my pattern on the Pink Chalk blog and then again here in their newsletter today. Thank you Kathy and Diana and all the Pink Chalk folks, you made my day! You can now purchase my Canvas pattern at Pink Chalk Fabrics too.

Pillow in progress - Canvas pattern

So now I want to finish these funky Canvas pillows. With Breathe off the long arm, I can put these pillows on it tonight - maybe its time for a version of Canvas with matchstick quilting.

Finish Along 2014

There are a few things coming up here. It is the end of Q2 in the FAL this month, so I am checking my list to see if there is another finish I can manage in time. And I have to decide which quilt to enter for consideration for the Modern Quilt Showcase for the International Quilt Festival show in Houston as entries close tomorrow and clearly Breathe will not be finished in time.  Jess and I are, for sure, running our next instalment of Decipher Your Quilt next Thursday and I need to get my photos of how to make circles finished for that.

But for now, I am off to my day job. Which is a good thing, as I might have ordered yards and yards of Brambleberry Ridge - Violet Craft's new fabric line - last night.




Lucy | Charm About You said...

Breathe is looking amazing and the bee blocks are all great! Now go earn fabric money ;)

Debbie said...

Breathe is lovely - can't wait to see finished photos. And congrats for all the hoopla about your Canvas pattern - that's really cool!

Marie said...

My English is not good enough to tell you how enthusiastic and admirative I am of all your works, of your color choices and quilting. But I am sure you'll accept my wishes for your participation at the International quilting festival to be held in Houston. Among the modern quilters, you are the best ! Marie

Unknown said...

I've been watching your progress on Breathe on IG...I love this quilt and the quilting

the running hare said...

Great bee blocks and Breathe is beautiful, looking forward to seeing it finished.

Canadian Abroad said...

I am so happy to see your pattern doing so well. The start of a very long and successful pattern writing career I hope. Loving the bee blocks too. Now going to go check out this fabric line. As I spent a small fortune on yarn today, if I buy fabric too I am referring himself to you! x

cheeky monkey said...

Beautiful Breathe and the pillows look great. Love the color. Gosh I never counted the HST and reading about it just scared me!

Sarah said...

It looks fabulous Leanne. You have been busy with your bee blocks too. Lots of pretties there.

Adrianne @ On the Windy Side said...

Lovely work Leanne! I especially love the cushion with the black text border - it really makes those hot colours in the centre pop!

margaret said...

you have been productive, the quilt looks beautiful and intrigued by what is under it on the bed, lots of beautiful things I am sure. Have been tempted with a spiders web quilt but will think again after your advice. Some lovely blocks you have shared today. I too use flickr, more to look than comment as with blogging time seems to be a problem no doubt you know what I mean

pennydog said...

I love how those prints make the solids leap out at you on the Canvas cushions!

I am also one of those people that sorts out the broken threads, etc at the end (and I will have a lot of those on the current project believe me).

Thanks for the heads up about Flickr- I hadn't noticed any changes yesterday so maybe it's filtering through. Will keep my eye out.

Kati said...

Love your Breathe quilt!! It's fantastic. I want to buy a long arm just to do match stick quilting. I have not had good success on my domestic machine. I love how yours is turning out!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Breathe is fabulous!!! I also love your bee blocks but can see that those spider web blocks would be quite time-consuming (and tiring!) to make. It's lovely to see your pattern doing so well - long may it continue!

P.S. Yes, for once they've managed to improve Flickr rather than, yet again, making it worse!

Unknown said...

I love your Bee blocks you've been making. I think the BH Boxy Stars is a fav though I do love the Spiderweb block too.
Your quilt is a beauty, too. Carry on!

SewPsyched! said...

Hee Hee! so excited for your Canvas Pattern debut! And those oranges!! Yum!
Breathe is a stunner, looking forward to seeing her post-wash :)
Sounds like you're having a blast, YAY!

Katherine said...

Wow. Your quilting makes me catch my breath in awe.

Congrats on your pattern debut! I'm delighting in seeing versions popping up in blogland. Such a great design, Leanne.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Still breathing, still gorgeous! All these blocks look fab, great colour combos

Katy Cameron said...

Good to see you've been busy! I want some Brambleberry Ridge, but payday isn't until tomorrow...