Saturday, March 1, 2014

Oakshott winners

I was cold and tired last night, so I sewed instead of sitting down to give away the beautiful fabrics from Oakshott Fabrics - oops. I'll show the sewing off later, for now, a quick post first thing this morning to brighten the day for the winners.

The winner of the beautiful Lipari bundle from Oakshott Fabrics is Barb, who blogs at Mountain Quilts.

And the winner of the rainbow bundle of Colourshotts from Oakshott Fabrics is Susan, who blogs at Canadian Abroad.

Congratulations to Barb and Susan both, I will be emailing you shortly. And thank you again to Oakshott Fabrics for such a lovely give away.

We are in the deep freeze today at -29C, so I am going to refuse to step outside, make chicken soup, and set up the long arm to quilt. I hope you are having a lovely Saturday and staying warm. If you live somewhere warm, bask in the heat for me.