Monday, March 17, 2014

Earth - Ta Da!

Earth, a colour study in green

This is Earth. I truly am delighted with this quilt, and she is for my youngest niece so that makes her even more special. She is about 65" square after washing and was made with various Kona greens and Kona snow. The binding is snow too, and she has a nice flannel back which I forgot to photograph.

Earth, a colour study in green - detail after washing

Earth was hand guided free motion quilted on my Millennium long arm. I am learning to mention that hand guided thing, because long arms can be computer guided - I did not buy the computer so that is not going to happen - or one can use a pantograph and follow the design on it with a laser, which again is not really my interest.

Earth, a colour study in green - after washing

These first three photos are after she was washed and dried. One of my worries was that the detailed quilting on a long arm might disappear into mush when the quilt was washed and I am so happy to see that does not happen. You have seen me try most of these quilting designs before but the bottom two - lightning and ocean waves (those are my names) - are new to me.

Earth, a colour study in green - detail before washing

These next photos are before the wash and you can see the difference that washing makes in terms of the texture of the quilting. The biggest difference is on the stipple, which I used for all of the white edges, but it crinkles in the same way it does when I use my regular sewing machine. I have to tell you that stippling is really easy and fast on the long arm.

Earth, a colour study in green - detail before washing

I wanted to show off this quilt for St. Patrick's day. I put a photo of her up on Instagram on Saturday and everyone liked her there.

Earth, a colour study in green - detail before washing

I am going to write the colour study quilts as a pattern with several different sizes. You can see my first one, Radiant Orchid Colour Study here. I hope to get that done by the end of the week. I know this is a very simple pattern but several folks have suggested that it still would be of interest, and I will do all the math for you.

Earth, a colour study in green - detail before washing

I would love to have a couple of pattern testers - all I can give you is a free pattern and my never ending thanks - so if you are interested let me know.

Earth, a colour study in green - before washing

This last photo is before she was washed and before I figured out how to hang her higher the photos. My favourite quilt holder was away on the weekend so the fabric cupboards had to do.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Oh, and tomorrow I have a sponsor give away from Becca at Sew Me a Song, so do come back for that.