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It's time to link up your finishes for Q4 of the 2013 FAL

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Happy New Year to everyone!

It's the end of Q4 of the Finish-A-Long, 2013 and it is time to see how everyone did finishing up their UFOs for this quarter. I sure hope you all did better than I did with your lists, I have only one finish this quarter out of the 12 projects on my Q4 list - my original list is here.

Cycles 2

My finish for this quarter was Cycles 2. I am very proud of this quilt, you can read my original Ta Da post here. This quilt is the second in a series of minimalist geometric quilts which are quilted with industrial style matchstick quilting. The other quilts in the series so far are Cycles and Sunset.

Cycles 2 is currently in the hands of the folks at the American Quilting Society and will be shown at their February show in Phoenix, Arizona from February 5 - 8 2014. Please do let me know if you go to the show and happen to see her on display.

Enough about my 1 out of 12 finishes - no matter how much I love Cycles 2,  it is still a barely passable showing this quarter. I guess you all know that I will be participating fully in the 2014 FAL hosted by the lovely Katy.

Now it is time for you to link up your Q4 finishes. Remember that each finish is an entry into the randomly chosen draws for the prizes from our wonderful Q4 sponsors, so don't forget to link all of your finishes.

Here are some answers to your questions (the rules are also here):

How do I link up my finishes? Do I need one link for each finish?
  • Please link one blog post or flickr picture for each finished item that you had listed on your Q4 FAL list which you linked up in October. A finish must have been on your linked list to qualify for the prize draws.
  • It is always nice - but not mandatory - to read a round up post about how you did overall on your Q4 list. If you do a round up post, please link it up for one of your finishes and then link the other finishes separately, to older or new posts. Do not link the round up post in addition to one link for each finish as that would give you an extra entry into the draw.
  • Please include a reference to the Q4 to be finished list you linked up in October in your finish and/or round up post so I can check your entries.
  • Please visit some or all of the other links and leave comments, everyone likes comments.

Is there a penalty for not finishing something on my list?
  • No, but please join Katy for  Q1 of the 2014 FAL. I'll be there too, with all those other projects I did not finish on my list.

Do things I finish in the first week of January count?
  • Yes, anything from your Q4 list that is linked by midnight Mountain Standard Time on January 8, 2014 counts, consider this link up week as a bonus finishing up week.
  • If you are working on that last finish, link your other finishes now so that you don't accidentally miss the deadline.

What if I have no Q4 finishes?
  • Leave a comment on this post, post about it on your blog or in the flickr group, but don't link up. 
  • Join Katy for Q1 of the 2014 FAL - put those projects on your Q1 list and let's get them done.

What is the schedule? 
  • January 1 -      The Q4 post-quarter link opens.
  • January 2-7-   The FAL Tutorial series runs on this blog
  • January 8 -     The Q4 post quarter link closes at midnight, MST
  • January 9 -     The 2014 Finish - A - Long begins, hosted by Katy, at The Littlest Thistle. Grab Katy's button now and use it for all your 2014 FAL finishes and posts.
Finish Along 2014

The Q4 post quarter link is open until midnight MST January 8 - don't be late. You must link your finishes by then for them to count in the draw for the wonderful prizes from our generous and wonderful sponsors - each separately linked finish is one entry in the random draws. If you are trying to squeeze one last finish in you can link the rest of your finishes now and that last one at the 11th hour.

I can't wait to see how many beautiful projects you have finished and gotten out of your sewing rooms this quarter. Oh, and you can start getting together your Q1 lists. Don't forget, we have great tutorials coming this week, in between the link ups - it is going to be a fun.

If you have any questions, or get stuck linking up, let me know and I will help you out. You can leave a comment or email me at shecanquilt [at] gmail [dot] com.




  1. Well I for one think Cycles 2 is worth alot - so glad it'll be shown in Phoenix! Thanks for your inspiration all year AND for hosting the FAL - it really has kept me on track.

  2. I'm not involved in this round but it's on my 2014 plans :-)

  3. Congrats on Cycles 2 being shown in Phoenix.....such a gorgeous quilt!!!

  4. Thank you so much for hosting the 2013 QAL Leanne, it has been tremendously helpful in keeping melf accountable to finish my WiPs and UFOs! Also if it helps at all, you're not alone in moving some of your Q4 goals over to Q1 next week. You can't win 'me all right ;) plus that finish of yours is a total stunner!

  5. Happy new Year!!
    Thanks Leanne for hosting the 2013 FAL. It really helped to get some quilts ticked of the list!
    Love your Cycles 2 quilt so much!
    I hope to finish some more in the next days. All the other not finished projects will jhave to move to the first quarter of 2014 FAL at Katy’s!

  6. Well it may only have been one finish, but at least it was a beautiful one :o) Looking forward to seeing what you roll over...

  7. A stunning finish, even if there was only one! Need to get myself sorted with my four finishes! Thanks Leanne for hosting! You've done an amazing job!

  8. This sew-along has truly helped keep me motivated and accountable. Thanks so much for hosting this, and the sponsors have been so very generous! Thanks to them too.

  9. Thanks for hosting! This has been so much fun. Two of my projects have rolled over into 2014, so I'll see you there!

  10. Thanks for hosting and helping me get some finishes in 2013. Looking forward to more fun quilts in 2014!

  11. Thanks so much for hosting! This has been really fun and productive. Your quilt is beautiful and congrats on it being in Phoenix!

  12. Thank you Leanne, for all the work you've done on hosting this year's FAL 2013. I appreciate your attention to detail, your timeliness, your encouragement and seeing your beautiful quilts as inspiration (and a huge congrats to you for getting it into the AQS show in Phoenix!). I hope that you'll have good memories of the experience of doing this, and get to take a bit of a break to work on your own quilting, rather than tending to all of us.

    Happy New Year!

  13. your one finish is so gorgeous, i would be thrilled with it - it's worth 10 finishes! truly so beautiful. and very cool that it is on display! i wish i could see it in person!

  14. This is an impressive list already! And like many, I have one more to come...

    Thank you Leanne for all you hard work this year and look forward to seeing what other beautiful creations you make this new year!

  15. So glad I participated this quarter- I finished 5 out of 6. I used a different link for each entry (using flickr once because I blogged two finishes in one post). I definitely plan to participate in 2014. Thanks again!

  16. Boy do these lists motivate me! I'm getting a few things done during the bonus week, but I took your advice and linked up what I already had finished, just in case. Thank you for hosting this year. You've done a lovely job.

  17. Happy New Year! I only finished 4 out of 16 but hey, that's 4 done. Haven't had a chance to recap all quarters but I know that a lot of projects were finished because of the FAL so a big Thank You to you :)

  18. I must give matchstick quilting a try very soon. Love the texture! Nice finish!

  19. Loooooove Cycles2!
    Thank you for being a brilliant hostess - here's to a great making 2014 xxx

  20. thanks for hosting and getting us all to get things done!

  21. Your quilt is beautiful! I love the colors and that quilting is neat! Thanks for helping to motivate me to finish things that would have just remained unfinished as the next new thing pulled me away! I hope to keep going and finish much more in 2014.

  22. A stunning finish and how cool to be part of the show :) Thank you so much for hosting the FAL and motivating me to get stuff done - I even finished one little extra since you said I could! x

  23. so I've just discovered the quilt I'm just finishing the binding on so I can link up isn't actually on my 4th quarter list - lol - its been on every other list last year !! but I'm happy that its been free motion quilted by me (ist one ever!) and its almost finished - even though I can't link up the fal has helped me get that one done :)

  24. What an awesome group of finishes! Everyone was so productive and so much beauty has been added to the world!

  25. my links have been added and as I only just published the last one, the finale post is scheduled for later today too :) Thanks for being such and wonderful hostess, and for making all the sponsorship happen x

  26. Thanks so much Leanne! I linked up my 1st finish here to my master list and that has a link at the top for my original post. I hope that makes it easier for you! I finished 16 of 20 which I'm thrilled about...

  27. You have done a great job, Leanne, as hostess with the mostess! Thank you. I finished 11 UFO's in 2013...yay!


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