Friday, January 10, 2014

My 2014 Q1 FAL list - I hope to see you there too.

Finish Along 2014

I am so excited to participate in the FAL this year - I hope that all of you will too. We need to get our Q1 lists of UFOs that we plan to finish listed and linked at Katy's blog (here) by January 17, as there are excellent prizes to be won from the many sponsors.

I have been trying to decide: do I make a nice short list that I can easily finish or should I go large - and in the end my list is crazy long with some things you have seen before on my lists and some that are new. Maybe I can use some of the time spots that I used up last year hosting the FAL to sew up my UFOs. Here is my list:

Blended Scraps - detail

1. Blended Scraps: The top is done and it needs a back and to be quilted.

Modern Stitching Bee Blocks

2. Modern Blocks Bee quilt - I have all the bee blocks, and need to make three more blocks and then the border of quarter square triangles and whites. She also needs a back and to be quilted.

Pickle dish progress

3. Pickle Dish - I have all but one of the 8 unit blocks made (there are 25 blocks, you can see 6 in this photo) and I need to put the push on to appliqué the "eyes", finish the top, make a back and quilt it. The quilting is scaring me, I might have to rent a long arm. Remember this quilt will be king size.

Asterix and other symbols - in progress

4. Asterix and other symbols quilt - I have all the blocks back from the talented quilters in Always Bee Learning, and have made no more progress. Time to make a quilt.

Improv Sampler - in progress

5. These Free Bee blocks have now been sewn together. I am debating borders or adding 4 more blocks as a 3 x 4 layout is not a nice quilt size. Then I need to finish the quilt.

Stonehenge block quilt - in progress

6. This block is called Stonehenge from the 99 Modern Blocks book and was made for me in the now finished Modern Blocks Bee. I might add some warmer coloured blocks too, I have more fabrics. But they are quick and easy, so surely I can finish this one too.

No - for the No quilt

7. The No quilt is a project near to my heart, and has sat mostly stalled. I am putting it on the list because I really, really want this quilt finished.

Emerald Irish Chain

8. Emerald Irish Chain - Truly should be done already. Enough said.

Placemat in progress

9. Placemats - My family will disown me soon if four placemats are not ready to use.

Giant Plus top

10. Giant Nordika Plus and pattern - This is over due, long over due.

Mystery Quilt - basted

11. Mystery quilt - This is the most beautiful quilt top I have made - Sheila's pattern and teaching have a lot to do with that. I have been too scared to quilt it, but I am thinking maybe if I figure out a long arm rental, this would also be one to finish there.

Ocean Waves blocks

12. Ocean Waves - these are the blocks that are still arriving from the most recent round of Always Bee Learning. As I see this as a winter quilt, I am hoping that the blocks will all arrive this month and that I could finish the quilt right away.

13. Snowfall - This is my next cycles project. This fantastic Oakshott Italy bundle - the fabrics are shot with a silver coloured thread and a colour - is now washed and in the process of being cut. I have been planning this quilt for a month, and I am keen to get it finished now too.

14. MQG Riley Blake Challenge: I have a couple of weeks to finish this challenge, so it will certainly be done this quarter.

That is more than enough, more than one quilt a week for three months, what do you think the chances are? Maybe I will surprise us all, let's be optimistic.

I am going to link my list now (go here) and I sure hope you are all going to be joining the FAL too. And I will be reading about all the Q4 2013 finishes this weekend and, hopefully awarding the Q4 prizes on Sunday or maybe Monday. If you are looking for inspiration, visiting all the linked finishes is well worth it.