Saturday, November 23, 2013

Yikes, it is not always clear sailing

Sunset - after the ripping

I took that photo this morning. That is the nice pile of thread left from ripping out about 3" of matchstick quilting in Sunset last night. It looks pretty, and I have an awesome seam ripper made by Amy's husband Mark - Amy blogs at During Quiet Time and sometimes lets folks know when Mark has made some more (in fact I just saw one still available in her etsy shop).

Last night I saw nothing pretty in this pile.

Sunset - distortion caused by changing the direction of quilting

After dinner, I started on the second half of the quilting on Sunset, I turned the quilt over to sew from the opposite top to bottom as the first half so that the quilt would be less bulky in the throat of my sewing machine.

But at the end of my allotted hour of matchstick quilting, I took a good look and saw the big stretch in the piecing line caused by the change of direction of the stitching.

Sunset - distortion caused by changing the direction of quilting

This end was even worse, it is the end that had become the top. You can see how the stitching pulled the piecing line down.

I should have looked closely at it sooner. I have even been discussing distortion in piecing caused by matchstickquilting on instagram with a friend so I knew this could happen. But the sewing was peaceful, the threads were pretty and I just didn't stop to look.

Sunset, during the ripping out stage

After trying to convince myself I did not care, I got out my seam ripper and sliced the stitched on the back, and pulled out the long threads on top. This is what it looks like when you do that.

Sunset, during the ripping out stage

It does not take that long, in the end, to remove all your evening's work.

Sunset, fixed

And I went to bed happy to know that the stretching was all gone. My plan now is to just stitch over the pieced parts in the same direction as the rest of the quilting to date. Once I am well into the background I will change directions to make room as this quilt is about 48" wide and a lot to stuff into the throat, especially as it gets pretty stiff with all the stitching.

Sunset, fixed

See, all fixed, well it is, even if the photo looks a little curved.

This bump in the road is gone, I will share what happens next. I did end up exactly where I started last night, but I also learned some lessons too, so it was not all wasted time. I hope to have some time tonight to try again.