Thursday, November 21, 2013

This and that


The quilting on Sunset is half way done. It got harder and harder to keep the lines straight as I got to the bottom edge so I left the last bit to probably just trim off. This quilt is the biggest so far in the Cycles series, about 45" x 48". The weight of the quilt from all the threads together with it's not yet washed stiffness makes it pull the fabric and add too much wobble and bump to the lines. I know, it is hard to define the right amount of wobble, but it seems I have an idea of what I want.

Oh, and we are into the long dark winter here, so sorry this is a picture with a flash taken late in the dark, cold night.

I have a few things to ask you today:

1. Do you get tired of seeing these progress shots of the same old quilt, post after post? Every time I put one on instagram, people are so supportive and nice but I am wondering if they are tired of the same stuff too. It is a problem when you are working on a slow project, there is little new to share. Do you want to see her as I continue to quilt or should I shut up already till she is done?

she can quilt

2. Would you make a tutorial for Q4 of the Finish - A - Long? I need a lot more tutorials that will run on my blog from January 2 - 7, 2014. You can finish it well before then and post it into my blog nice and early so it does not become a holiday burden. These tutorials are fun for everyone and a chance for your work to get a bit of different exposure here on my blog. It needs to be a new tutorial and you need to not repost it for 30 days. Let me know if you would be interested and have an idea for me to consider.

By the way, I keep seeing FAL finishes all about blogland. How are you doing with your Q4 plan?

3. Have you entered my layer cake giveaway, sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop? If not, you still can, it closes tonight. So go here to enter. And do you like giveaways on my blog, and would you like more or less or are we good?


4. Have you been meeting the Canadian bloggers featured in Sew Sisters Blogathon Canada? If not, their master post is here and you can visit the province bloggers who each have different links to more bloggers, a great way to meet some of us Canadians. Also do read the Sew Sisters blog this week as they have a give away every day. And if you are new here from the Blogathon, welcome and I hope you might come back to visit again.

Thank you for your answers, and I think this qualifies as random enough to link up with Really Random Thursday at Live a Colorful Life.