Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday


Here is my latest project, Sunset. This is another cycles quilt - clearly this cycles thing has become a series for me. That picture is just before the pins when in when I basted her. In that moment the quilt is perfectly smooth.

She is about 46" x 48" with circles that are about 10.5" in diameter. The fabrics are Kona colours, greys and the background is Kona charcoal.


This is the first set of borders I put on. I did not have a lot of charcoal handy and let the amount of fabric dictate my choices. The next day I took them off and made the background much bigger. I can only say that I went with what felt right in terms of size, but I like it better now.


Matchstick quilting has begun. I am quilting horizontal lines with many red/orange/pink threads, changing them out when I feel like it. Again, about 8 - 10 wobbly lines per inch.

Sunset - in progress

I follow the lines in the piecing and then mark a line with my hera marker about every 2" so that I don't start to tip to one side as I go. But mostly I eyeball it.

Sunset - in progress

My thought is to carry the sunset across the background with the threads and the threads will also change the colours of the circles some. In Cycles 2, I used threads that were like the background and which muted the colours of the circles. So this one is similar but not the same.

I will be quilting for a while - I can manage about an hour a day of this, maybe 3-5" depending on the number of interruptions, bobbin changes, and such, before my back tells me it is time for a rest. I tend to hunch over to see better due to the closeness of the lines I guess.

Beyond playing with colour and matchstick quilting, these cycles projects are, for me, all about simplicity of image, colour, style. They are an experiment in modern quilting that is reminiscent of some types of modern art. It is a struggle for me to not add more complexity and leave it at this. This seems to be a part of the modern style that I am developing as my own.

Pickledish block

Then there is the pickle dish project.  I think that a double wedding ring variation quilt has got to be about as traditional as they get.

Pickle dish appliqué detail

And gosh, appliqué, that is pretty traditional too. You can see that I am learning how, and here I am showing you my best work so far. I have 196 more appliqué eyes to do, but I am picking up speed, honest. This is my other major work in progress for the next while.

These two projects are making me wonder about my "style" and do I even have one yet. A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll? Or just scattered? One day maybe I will figure it out.

Other projects on the WIP list are:
  • 2 Slab Quilts for the Calgary flood project that Cheryl Arkison at Dining Room Empire is heading up - I am piecing blocks and finishing the quilts. I actually got to pick up blocks, backing and batting from her in person last weekend.
  • Shower party prize for the online baby shower for Sarah at Narcoleptic in a Cupboard - I have an idea, just need to make it. Oh, and I got my shower present in the mail today, which should be in time for the shower.
  • Placemats - urgently required (and in case you did not know this, don't put the pizza box on the beautiful wooden table, just saying...)
  • Stuff from my FAL list - I am afraid to look at the list right now.
  • Catch this blog up showing off  some other finishes, some beautiful things people have sent me and such.
  • Start thinking about the holidays - Yikes!

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I will link to Lee at Freshly Pieced and The Needle and Thread Network, see you there.