Saturday, June 15, 2013

The robins are grown and gone

Mom and baby robins

That photo was taken on Wednesday, the day before they flew away. There was a tornado warning - it was a bit dramatic, the schools were not sending the kids home and such. Well, mommy robin stayed close to the babies too.

Baby robins

They were getting crowded. The next morning - that was Thursday morning - they flew off first thing. My photo correspondent went out to snap a morning photo and witnessed four birds all fly away in a second. Then the parents swooped him and he went inside. The parents were very careful of the newly flying little ones.

Baby robins

They were ready, look at those feathers. I got home Thursday night to see the empty nest.

Mom and Baby robins

These last few photos are from a couple of days before the babies flew off.

Mom and baby robins

It really was fun to have this little family grow up on our front porch.

Mom and four baby robins

Very cute. But we are happy to be able to use the door again. The birds are gone, they stuck around our yard and trees for the first day. The babies were smaller than the parents when they flew off but bigger than sparrows. Ready for the world.

I have been home for two days, working on work the whole time. I am off at dawn tomorrow, one last work trip before things settle down for the summer months. I am leaving behind cupcakes for father's day and the youngest son's birthday. I am tired of all this working, and cannot wait to get home on Wednesday night and get back to quilting