Monday, June 3, 2013

Maybe they are cute to the mommy bird?


There is doting mommy robin. She stands on the side of the nest and pokes food into the babies with her beak. They are mostly too little for us to see while she is feeding them, you can just see a tuft of hair sticking up. This picture is through my very dirty window, I am caught on that one too.


Now that I am home and my loyal photo correspondent is away, I went outside and braved the dive bombing to photograph the inside of the nest in a moment when it was unattended. The four babies are between 3 and 5 days today, they took three days to all hatch.

Do you think that mommy bird says in her head, like a human mom would, "oh aren't they soooo cute?" Or maybe she says, "more food quick so they start looking like proper beautiful birds?"

Baby Robins

Here the babies are on Saturday just past, this is just after the last of the four eggs hatched. Baby birds are weird looking in my opinion - it is a good thing bigger birds are so cute. More updates on the birds soon, maybe tomorrow. (For those of you just joining in, you can go back a few days for the whole bird saga.)

I owe you all emails and will be catching up this week, before I go on the road again. But first, I am going to sew a bit, it has been many days since I was at my sewing machine.