Monday, June 24, 2013

So many things to tell you about, and maybe you can help?

Name tag for me

I will be wearing this fantastic name tag at the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London next month. It arrived today from Sarah who blogs at Silly Banana Sewing. Seriously, it is so perfect for me, I am overwhelmed.

My flag in Boston

Another thing that is overwhelming is this picture of my flag (the blue friendship star) in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in the To Boston With Love exhibit. My brother and sister-in-law went to see the exhibit. They found my flag and took a picture of it for me. It is hanging with Faye's flag, that beautiful blue and yellow heart, another member of the EMQG together with flags from quilters who live all over the world.

she can quilt

Next, Q2 of the Finish-A-Long is ending soon. The post-quarter link where you will post each of your finishes for this quarter will open on June 30. You will have a bonus week for last minute finishes before the link closes on July 7. (July 8 will be the day to post your Q3 list, in case you want to organize it now.) I will remind you of all the wonderful sponsors in a day or two, remember that each finish you link is an entry for one of our prizes.

Here is the part where I ask for help.

I could use a couple more tutorials for our Q2 tutorial week which is July 1-6, I left it to the last minute and I am a bit short. If you have a tutorial ready or an idea for one that you want to suggest, please either leave me a comment here or send me an email at shecanquilt [at] Oh, and if you would rather volunteer for a tutorial the end of Q3  or Q4, let me know that too, there is still room.

Rocky Mountain Road block

I did finally get home from being all over the place for work, and I made some bee blocks. It was so great to be sewing again.

Rocky Mountain Road block

Those two are called Rocky Mountain Road for Susan who blogs at Patchwork n Play for the Modern Stitching Bee. Susan made a tutorial for this block here.

Sparkler block

This Sparkler Block, from the pattern by Lee of Freshly Pieced, is for Kristina in Always Bee Learning.

Sparkler Block

This one too, it is the same 4 units just turned around differently, which is very clever.

Hexagon blocks

These hexagon blocks are for Celeste in Always Bee Learning. They are made by sewing two strips, then cutting a 60 degree triangle and piecing them together in different ways. Celeste asked us to leave them as half hexagons for easier piecing of the whole top.

Hexagon Blocks

These blocks are really fast and fun to make.

The Robin is still on her nest, warming the three new eggs - I took that picture yesterday. So far we are able to use the front door without being swooped but I expect that we are back to the side door once the hatching begins.

4 Pickle Dish Blocks

The eldest son's wedding is next weekend. The quilt will not be done, you can see some of it so far there - it is actually further along than that but there is a lot more work to do before it is done so it will go on my Q3 FAL list. That is ok, our eldest is the most easy going guy you could hope to meet.

There is a small problem with the highway to the beautiful mountain location having been significantly damaged by the massive flooding in southern Alberta. We (and the wedding planners) are optimistic that it will be fixed in time so we can actually get there, maybe you can hope with us too...please.

So remember, if you wish to share a FAL tutorial, please let me know. And you have time to get another finish in, truly you do.