Friday, February 22, 2013

QuiltCon, just a little update

Shattered  got an Homourable Mention and a ribbon!!

There is Shattered, hanging in the QuiltCon show. And she won a ribbon - Honourable Mention in the mini quilt Use of Negative Space catagory. They gave out First and Honourable Mention to mini quilts. It is pretty overwhelming to me to receive that ribbon, just having quilts in the show is so cool.

Noise hanging in the show. Pretty overwhelming.

So, full disclosure time. I went to the award ceremony at lunch yesterday and they announced the winners. So the next thing I did was head over to see the quilts for the first time. Did I politely look at all the stunning quilts? Nope, not a chance. I went to see my quilt with its ribbon and photographed it for instagram and flickr and then went to see my other quilt - Noise.  Then I was out of time and had to get back to my workshop with Jacquie Gehring, who is just the best teacher ever. I did look at a few quilts after the workshop but there was just not much time before the exhibit closed.

Tomorrow after I am finished my workshop with Yoshiko Jinzenji at noon, I hope to photograph lots of quilts and share more about them all here after that. Today I spent the day learning to dye fabric with Malka Dabrawsky, who is also a wonderful teacher. And tonight is the 80's dance party. I think it will be fun and it is time to get ready to go.

Oh and Texas is great. Last night at dinner when one of the women commented on the large size of her meal, the cook said, "Well mam'am, this is Texas." Which sort of sums it up. Oh and he said it with that Texas accent that I just love. I do like it here.