Friday, February 1, 2013

be - a mini quilt


This is be. Be is my 12" square mini quilt made as my second project in the 4 in Art group that I am in with Elizabeth who blogs at OP Quilt, Rachel who blogs at Life of Riley, and Betty who is on flickr here. Last quarter, I explained my concerns about the whole idea of making art instead of a quilt, and although I continue to feel the same way, it was easier to make be than to make Garden.


The theme for this quarter was tree(s). I spent 2.75 months of the quarter thinking about trees. I love trees, and I have a lot that I care for at my little farm on the coast. To get to Canada's west coast, I often drive my car - it takes me about 14 hours. The trip takes you first over the prairie, quickly into and over the Rocky Mountains - which are stunning and some of the most beautiful in the world, and then into one of the hugest evergreen forests you can imagine - this forest covers basically all of the interior of the Province of British Columbia, which is almost 4 times as large as the whole of the United Kingdom.

be, detail

For hours and hours you just drive past those trees. One huge oxygen pumping, wildlife supporting, wild and beautiful forest. The forest is mostly free of people, there is the occassional tiny town along the highway. Again, comparing to the UK, BC has 4.4 million people and 2.3 million of them live in metro Vancouver, which is on the other side of the forest. The UK has 63.2 million people in 1/4 of the space. The B.C. forest is mostly pristine - almost no people.

be, back view

This forest has the same impact on me as the majestic Rocky Mountains or the seemingly infinite Pacific (world) Ocean, I feel both part of wonder of the natural world that powers our planet and reminded about how insignificant most of the daily problems that occupy me and most people actually are.

be, back detail

After a while of driving at highway speeds along that the road that crosses the forest at its narrow point, about 500 kms, it starts to look all the same. Then I look again and I see each unique tree and its neighbours. This sameness and uniqueness becomes a thing.

be, detail

I breathe the clean air, full of oxygen from those billions of trees. I watch out for bears running past my car - the worst is when a baby bear appears because you know the mama may be there too and hitting a bear is not good. I think about the power of nature and the importance of each and every single tree (and bear too). I think about the health of the planet.

be - back view

You drive out of that forest into the lush Fraser River Valley, more often than not into the shining late afternoon sun. And then I just feel excellent. The vastness of Canada, the power of the forest, it all makes me feel complete. I am reminded to just be. Be me, be the best, be what I can be, be one of the people, and also to be myself.

I wish I could take every one of you on that drive.


There is no way I can quilt that for you, and I have not even tried. Be is a representation, and I don't think many folks would see this whole story if I did not tell them. But I hope that be does suggest that it is important to be, be what you can be, be unique, be the best and that you are still part of the uniqueness and the sameness of the rest of us too. You are also part of the community,  part of nature, part of the most amazing thing - the world.

Be was made with various quilting cottons and Osnaburg which is a cotton that has a linen texture. The quilting was done with a variegated gold, green, grey Valdani thread. The quilt is about 12" square.
Well, I am certain you are sick of my artsy fartsy ramblings. You can see Rachel, Betty and Elizabeth's interpretations of this theme by clicking their names.

I almost forgot to mention next quarter's theme - it is fire. Energy, warmth, power, fire as a force of nature.

It's Friday, my dog is home safely in his bed and improving, enjoy your day.