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Thursday Think Tank - Gifts for Tweens, Teens and Twenties

Thursday Think Tank Holiday Hop 

When Rebecca Lynne, from Making Rebecca Lynne asked me to host one of the Holiday Editions of the Thursday Think Tank she asked me what I could write about that had to do with the holidays. I said I was trying to think up gifts for the many young people on my list and so this topic was born. I am going to give you some of my ideas for the quilter/sewer who wants to give a gift that will be loved and appreciated, but wants to have fun sewing it, not shopping.


I have to say that all of the quilts I have given to people who are 11 - 29 have been received with great joy and continue to be well loved. And although is it not long until the holidays, there is actually time to make a quilt if you want to and don't yet have one on the go. Quick quilt ideas start with making a lap size quilt, not a full bed size. Then consider an easy pattern. A couple of my favourites is a pattern of simple stripes or large squares - or use a stack of bee blocks just sitting on your shelf waiting for you. You might want to make the Jelly Roll Race quilt - a great video for doing that is here:

Cases and covers

Laptop case, with Echino

It seems that all young people now have several electronic devices that they use and actually value sufficiently to want to take care of them. So cases and covers for cell phones, ipads, computers, small, portable game machines, kindles, hobos, other readers, netbooks, the list goes on and on.

A simple cover can be made from a front and inside fabric with some quilt batting/wadding sandwiched in between. You can can add hand or machine quilting, piece it, use an orphan quilt block and if you like, use flannel, polar fleece or felt for extra protection for the electronic item on the inside. Simple cases can close with a button, a zipper, velcro, snaps, ties, or whatever you like. There are many patterns and tutorials for such cases, check out the Sew Mama Sew blog over this last month if you are looking for start on excellent tutorials.

Zipper pouches and cases

Triple Zipper Scrappy Pouch

Zippered pouches of all kinds deserve special consideration as they are perfect for electronics and also for make up, trading cards, art supplies, school supplies, or collections of all kinds. Debbie at A Quilter's Table posted a tutorial for the triple zipper pouch here. It would be perfect for a game machine, games, charger cord, stylus and earbuds. If you were to use some Japanese style fabrics for a teenager or a tween I am pretty sure they would love it. There are many tutorials for other styles of zippered pouches available too.


Modern Shopping Bag - before washing

A tote bag of any sort will also be used by many (although not all, at least in my experience) tweens, teens and twenties. I think you need to gauge their taste carefully and consider what you put on the outside. It could be modern, but also consider applique of a favourite logo or character they love from a movie, game, video or book, or maybe more Japanese fabric. If you put another gift in the bag - a new electronic device, video game or movie, fantastic new running shoes or a cute new piece of clothing - you also can use the bag for a lesson in environmental stewardship. A tutorial for my bag is here, and there are hundreds of other excellent tutorials available.

Gifts for the apartment

  Oven mits and a pot holder

If you are luck enough to be gifting to twenties who have actually vacated your family home, remember that they are just beginning to fill their homes with lovely and useful items. A set of hot pads/oven mits might also ease your worries about their kitchen skills and are almost always needed. You could put them in a tote bag, along with useful kitchen dishes, interesting food or a recipe book. I don't have a pattern for this set, I just made them up as I went, but again, a quick google search or two will lead you to many tutorials and patterns.

As you start to think about holiday gifts, you will have many more inspired ideas. Feel free to share all your ideas at the Think Tank.

Thursday Think Tank Holiday Hop 
This post is part of the Holiday Edition of the Thursday Think Tank. You can link up a post about anything you have been thinking about, it does not have to be about the holidays or gifts. And you can link up more than once, as the blog hop continues, for a chance to win. Also, do follow the links to see what interesting thoughts are being shared.

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There are some great ideas here Leanne! I need to get my thinking cap on!

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There are some great ideas there, Leanne. Thank you.

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Very fun post, Leanne, and helpful, considering I have several young adults in my family! I had never seen the Jelly Roll Race quilt - that's something else! And THANKS so much for featuring my triple-zip - very fun!!

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