Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The thing about Bees


When you participate in an on-line quilting bee, eventually it will be your month to be the queen bee and you get to ask everyone to make you blocks.

The thing about that is that you need to plan a quilt. So you need to decide what block you want. And then you need to decide what fabrics to send. And cut them, package them and mail them off. For me, that is not as easy as it sounds, and I hum and haw and change my mind several times.

Fabrics to send for Always Bee Learning

November is my month in the Always Bee Learning bee. This is a really talented group of quilters who have set up this bee specifically to be challenged with new techniques and ideas, and they are all up for most anything. Those of you who have visited here before will not be surprised to learn that I decided to ask them to do some improv blocks.

I decided it was time to use some of my favourite fabrics. I decided to cut big chunks of two fabrics for each person because I wanted there to be enough fabric in the package for people to play and make mistakes without worry about running short. I have picked asterisk and plus blocks of any size - I think that the different size and kinds of blocks will add interest to the quilt.


I made a flickr gallery of some quilts made with these kind of blocks here, the quilts are always so interesting.

Tonight I took one of the bundles and played. These blocks are really fun to make. There are no rules, just start with a square or rectangle, cut it, add a strip of any size, press, cut again, add again. You can stop at a plus or carry on to make an asterisk.


Tomorrow, if the snow stops - it has been a bit of a storm today - I will address all the envelops and mail all those bundles. I am already late in making all these decisions and sending the fabric out - luckily the group does not mind. Now I can't wait to see the blocks that come back, and I am glad to be done with all this planning and deciding.

I am going to link this post to the Thursday Think Tank, which is being guest hosted this week by Sandi at Piecemeal Quilts who will be sharing ideas for Thanksgiving etiquette. By the way, I get to be one of the guest hosts for the holiday season of the Thursday Think Tank - my day is November 29 and I will be sharing some ideas for gifts for tweens, teens and twenties.

Thursday Think Tank
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