Friday, November 16, 2012

An instance of happiness - Friday Felicities

The whole package for me

My internet friend Felicity, at Felicity Quilts has this thing she does called Friday Felicities. I have been trying to figure out what I could ever write about to join in. The internet dictionaries say that felicity means something that causes happiness or an instance of happiness.

Today I have one of those. Look at that package that came to me in the Fab Little Pincushion Swap from Leslie at Can't Stop Quilting.

Pincushion for me!

I often wonder if I have a quilting/sewing style. Then, when something like this arrives, I see that maybe I do. This is just so perfect. It is an improv triangle. It has shot cottons and Liberty tana lawn and linen and text. It is blue and green and purple and red.

Look, there is the tiniest piping!! And hand embroidery stitching. Oh, and this pincushion has a comforting weight to it too, it is not going to blow away or be knocked over, as there are plastic pellets inside.

Perfect. An instance of happiness - just for me.

A mug rug too!

If that were not enough, Leslie also sent me this beautiful mug rug. And she washed it to give it the texture I love. If you look back at the first picture you can see that she also sent me some squares of Liberty tana lawn - which you know is my favourite. She nailed me, better than I could have myself.

Thank you Leslie, this was truly a felicity, you made my day and my week.

Let's go to Felicity's blog and see what other instances of happiness have been happening.